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Has this beautiful and stylish car - in the higher price range - from the 60s already been erased from your memory? In this color scheme a fantastic car to see and also rare. There are six more to drive around in the Netherlands and you will therefore see very little in the 'wild'. Christiaan is a good exception. He cherishes his 'American' with a link to Renault.

By: Dirk de Jong

The car was the result of a collaboration that did not last long. The aim was that it would be a nice addition to the model range for Renault. For AMC Motors it meant an easy entry into the European market. Renault already had an extensive network of dealers. The small American or in other words the generously sized 'French' car was not a success and is therefore now extremely scarce.

"Here is the Renault Rambler ..."

This is how the text of the promotional brochure began; “Intended for those whose taste and standing demand a car that stands out from all others. The car you will be envied for. ” In his infectious enthusiasm, Christiaan says: “I found all the cars I owned, every brand, every year of construction special. For example, I also think my Japanese for commuting, the Suzuki Alto, is beautiful. ”

Good investment

The history of the Renault Rambler goes back to 1999 when his father found the car in a neglected state along the Smildekanaal. As a car mechanic he saw opportunities to give the French American a second life, the interest was also aroused by Christiaan.

Quaint and beautiful

Christiaan: “Something special is a jewel for me. I wanted to take over this car with its beautiful shapes and charming appearance. Fortunately, that was no problem. My father made a contract with an installment plan whereby the car came into my possession 5 years later in 2004, now 17 years ago. The car is now only used at events, but also for holidays abroad. ”

Perfect relationship with the Renault Rambler?

Loves and car loves are beautiful, the wedding ring sometimes has a scratch, and the Renault Rambler sometimes gives problems. Yet the heart continues to beat faster in both loves.

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  1. the amc cars sold reasonably well in belgium, like all americans at that time in the early sixties, the antwerp taxi company employed several hundred, all assembled in vilvoorde near renault and equipped for them with a perkins p 60 diesel engine and 203 manual gears at the steering wheel and second-hand, several petrol units were also converted to diesel by a smaller Renault garage in Antwerp center, these cars were delivered in dark blue with a black roof. that time when amerkanen put on diesel I also did a lot myself russise volga was sold in belgium exclusively in diesel in belgium assembled in belgium I drove for years with a cadillac sedan de ville 3 with perkings p1960 4

  2. It was the successor to the Renault Frégate. Of course it was advantageous to build an already developed model under license and the Régie Usines Renault (it was a state-owned company at the time) teamed up with the American Motors Corporation. Assembly took place in Vilvoorde, so it was actually a Belgian car with an American design and a French flag.

    In America, this model was called AMC Rebel. There was an AMC Rambler, originally an independent brand, but that was a larger car.

    Qualitatively there was nothing to criticize, but the car missed the connection with the European taste a bit. In other words: it was no guarantee that many Frégates would be exchanged by the Renault customers for a new Rambler. That did not happen either. The Renault Rambler was 100% American, not only wua styling, but also with appropriate soft handling, a deep-diving bonnet and locking front wheels with strong braking, pleasantly overhanging in the corners with everyone whizzing back and forth over the wide, plastic-covered furniture. and, in the absence of power steering, no less than five turns of the large steering wheel between the attachment points. That was fine on an American Interstate highway, but it did not invite pleasant rides on the Amsterdam canals or in the Neapolitan city center. And he was not very frugal either.

    But of course it was a very nice, solid and comfortable car! The last one I saw was blue and was in Leiden, at the Gamma, I think about three years ago. Magnificent.

  3. We have had 10 as taxis.
    Nice cars.
    The last one was sold in 2006, the 95-87-BG.
    At the end of last year I saw it at a car company in Zwijndrecht.
    Unfortunately in terrible condition.
    I still have some pictures.

  4. In the village on the outskirts of Antwerp where I lived as a child in the 60s, there was a butcher who owned a silver-gray rambler.
    In that municipality there was also a Renault dealer who has now also moved to another municipality for 40 years.

  5. Very nice car! Did not know about existence.
    Also a nice enthusiastic and honest story Dirk!
    I'm curious about the interior and the engine specs!

    • If you saw how many foreign brands used to have a car factory in Belgium, it was not too economical.
      - Renault closed in Vilvoorde in 1997
      - Citroën closed in Voorst 1980
      - Opel closed in Antwerp 2010
      - Ford closed in Genk 2014
      - Volvo in Ghent, is still in full swing
      - VW (Audi) in Forest, is still running

      • all car brands are assembled in belgium to pay lower import duties, provided that a percentage of belgian materials is used to promote employment, even separate belgian models were created, think of the mercedes universal station wagon built in mechelen

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