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Ariel is back
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Ariel is back

We do not quite understand it, it seems useless usually and it will therefore be marketing ...

Time and again there are entrepreneurs who have a master plan and look for a suitable name or brand. Because nowadays a brand is everything. Internet scholars and social media gurus emphasize that you must also present and profile yourself as a 'brand'. And now the once famous motorbike brand Ariel is back.

The approach is: we come up with something, and we link it to an illustrious name from the past. It ignores the question "what has the past or future ever done for us?" The brand locators from the automotive corner naturally have a wide choice. Stutz is reborn, Bugatti is back. Nail ... Well. Just another example. We don't see Talbot coming back that fast either.

Triumph Bonneville
De Triumph Bonneville is back again

The same approach prevails in the motorcycle world: The current Horexes Triumphs, Nortons and more recently the Ariel Aces, have little more ties with their history than the brand name purchased. And only with Triumph history has really been continued and struck. The new Triumphs are still really British motorcycles. And the fact that the Bonnevilles are built in Thailand or something? Well nowadays your VW can come from Spain.

The strange thing is that many of those purchased, once illustrious names have already stopped quite a long time ago in the actual production of existence and only exist as 'established brand name'. And such a brand name has often come through the 'possession' of someone who once thought he would become rich with it.

Munch 2000 3
Another example of a failed rebirth

That trademark law goes far. For example, the late Friedl Muench was no longer allowed to call his motorcycles Muench Mammuts after one of his many financial stumbles.

So he started making Horexes… And let Horex have risen again. Or have fallen again. But re / introduce a brand name of which only your father or grandfather vaguely remembers its roots with a lot of fanfare = Well, maybe it is just easier than coming up with a new name.

At Ariel they did things big and compelling. 100/150 of the new Aces will be made at a 'from' price of 25.000 euros ex VAT, ex. BPM. The machines are also equipped with Honda's VFR1200 engine block, good for 173 pk and 131 Nm torque.

Ariel Square four
The real steel. Ariel Square Four

We are actually from AutoMotorKlassiek of course also entrepreneurs. So we hope that the Aces will be an overwhelming success and become chiselled classics.

If you have any doubts about purchasing an Ariel Ace, you can simply become a subscriber to AutoMotorKlassiek.

There are a huge number of small advertisements every month. Maybe you will find your dream bike there. An Ariel for example. A real.

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