Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers buys CO2 emissions for protest ride 12 March

Environmental zone
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Earlier this week we reported that the Rotterdam Classics Foundation is organizing a large Co12 neutral protest ride in Rotterdam and Schiedam on Sunday 2017 March 2. Just like on 12 March last year, hundreds of enthusiasts with their classic cars, mopeds, camping vehicles, old trucks and other youngtimers and oldtimers are expected again. Organizer Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers is in favor of cleaner air but is committed to the unfair and symbolic environmental zone in the port city of Rotterdam.

Councilor Pex Langenberg (D66 Rotterdam) continues the environmental zone in Rotterdam, despite statements by the General Objections Committee and several facts that show that the expensive environmental zone does not ensure better air quality. A delegation from the board of the Rotterdam Classics Foundation will, among other things, hand over a letter with its views and constructive proposals for effective measures to responsible Councilor Pex Langenberg (D12) at 30: 66 at the main entrance of the Rotterdam municipality at the Kop van Zuid. .

"CO2 emissions bought off"

Especially for the ride, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation has symbolically bought off the Co2 emissions for all participants. As a result, people can say that they offer a Co2 neutral event. The surrender of the emissions in question took place at a large certified Dutch institution.
In the run-up to the protest ride, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation emphasizes that it is not just pro driving. She suggests ideas on how air quality in Rotterdam could improve. It also gives well-founded criticism to the municipality of Rotterdam about the costly illogic of its current environmental zone policy.

Useful measures

The Rotterdam Classics Foundation hopes to positively convince municipalities considering an environmental zone that there are much more useful measures to make the air in the Netherlands cleaner. The Foundation has a constructive policy in Rotterdam. And they gave in a conversation with Auto Motor Klassiek already think of, for example, in infrastructure solutions. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation is open to this discussion and is happy to share its expertise in this area.

Collect and arrival

In any case, the participants of the protest ride this Sunday will proudly show their beloved classics. "It is a mobile cultural heritage that the government should appreciate more," said the Foundation. The participating vehicles gather from 11: 00u in Rotterdam West. Om 12: 00u leaves the group for a 'Rondje Ring'. This is a ride on the Rotterdam ring road. Afterwards, everyone gathers on the Maasboulevard in Schiedam for a pleasant meeting. The municipality of Schiedam is fully cooperating to ensure that this runs smoothly.

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