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"Beaulieu" would be called "well-being" for us. And to the left or to the right: it is the classic fair that you, as a fan, must have visited. The approach is: 'If it exists, it will be Beaulieu. We report some 'facts' as basic knowledge for the coming trade show in September. And let's face it: it's almost September already.

A new word: an Autojumble

  1. Beaulieu is an 'Autojumble', that word was conceived by the then curator of the museum on the estate.
  2. The then highly unofficial word has been included in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2003.
  3. 'Bjoelie' started in 1967 as a one-day event. And then there were such 80 exhibitors who offered their things in the field.
  4. Nowadays in the International Autojumble 25 acres large. And 1 acre is 4046,9 m2. With around 2200 exhibitors, Beaulieu is a trade show where you can be full for those days.
  5. In the context of climate change, or at least on hot summers, there is a swimming pool for the children.
  6. In 2002 a group of friends had a plan: they swarmed around the fair looking for Austin Seven parts and assembled a copy of it on the spot.
  7. In 2003 a couple of people did that with a Model T Ford. And from Beaulieu, they then started a tour through England.
  8. Maybe he had lost track, but in 2008 there was a visitor who made parts of the fair the lowest-moving car in the world.
  9. For the 40th Beaulieu, in 2006, Lord Montagu invited over 200 exhibitors who had been present at the event for more than 25 years for a 'Tea' on his lawn. The veterans each received a watch with an inscription.
  10. The first Autojumble attracted just a few 5.000 visitors. Now there are more than 40.000 every year.
  11. 1969 Was the year that the magic limit of 200 exhibitors was exceeded.
  12. The Autojumble became 'International' in 1969. Then there was 1 foreign exhibitor: An American.
  13. The strangest thing that 'Bjoelie' ever sold? That was probably the pair of Shire horses.
  14. 1978 was the year that there were more than 800 exhibitors.
  15. In the early nineties there were more than 2000 exhibitors with parts plus about 150 complete cars for sale.
  16. In 1979 the party was scaled up to two days.
  17. Okay, it's temporary work, but for Beaulieu there are about 220 people working on the organization and implementation.
  18. All those visitors must of course eat and sleep. Many regular visitors have their regular addresses. But every year Beaulieu is good for 11.000 overnight stays in the local hotels.
  19. What once started as a 'garden party' now gives an annual economic boost of 11 million Pounds. And the British treasury is picking 500.000 Pound VAT.
  20. Ernie Warminton from Cornwall was the first visitor in 1967.
  21. In honor of the 40th birthday of the festival there was a line-up in 2006 where a car from every year of the tradition was written. And among them were the cars that were once assembled on the spot from locally purchased parts.
  22. In honor of the 40th Beaulieu, the exhibitors received a specially printed calendar. And it has since become a collector's item.
  23. Beaulieu also received recognition from a completely different angle: The event received the Silver Award for Tourism during the highly prestigious Visit England Awards for Excellence Ceremony in 2014.
  24. There was a year with so much rain that Bonhams kept his presentation in the shallow and the auction in the deep water.
  25. The prize winner at Beaulieu was a 'barn find; Bentley. In 2015 it went away for 695.900 Pond.
  26. And the cheapest car? That went away for only 80 Pound, it was a Mini.
  27. "You will find everything at Beulieu". An exhibitor who had lost his ignition key plowed through bins full of loose keys to find one that would fit. And found that.
  28. In 1985 there was an American who was confused with the exchange rates. He found everything so 'cheap' that he bought a lot. And only later saw how much it had cost him.
  29. You would almost forget it. But in 1971 the first exhibitor came from 'the Continent'. That was the dealer in classic parts 'Depanauto' from France.
  30. All profit after deduction of costs goes to (automotive oriented) charities such as the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service

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