Suzuki Cultus (1986): Spicy Japanese by Rik van Kammen. 

Suzuki Cult
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Boy dreams, what are they? These are, of course, things that you keep thinking about for a longer period of time. For Rik, that is a lot of passion for yesterday's cars and motorcycles, and with the purchase of the Suzuki he gave in to those dreams. 

By: Dirk de Jong

We use the type designation Cultus on purpose, because this name is known in his native Japan. Here 34-year-old Suziki is called 'Swift'. The racing version was used in Japan in this way, and to make it clear, the stickers are original from the country of origin. He can now clearly distinguish himself because of these Japanese 'looks'. 

Rik: “I 'tickled' the engine from 60 to 87 hp, mounted 2-stage Webers, replaced the roof with a lighter carbon copy and the windows made of lexan. All this to make the car lighter in order to take maximum advantage on the track. ” There are therefore plans to participate in classic races in Assen and in the Belgian attic in the hobby class after the virus misery. 

More attention 

In addition to this Suzuki, other young timers and classics in his garage also guarantee fun for Rik. Such as a Renault 5 TL from 1986. It is the most austere version of this small Frenchman, who for a long time was a leader in the sales of the French group. And in his living room is a Suzuki GN 250, a motorcycle with an air-cooled engine that is very rarely used for a ride. It is an accessory in the room. It is clear that Rik loves the vehicles from the 80s. With his age of 32, Rik is the new generation of young timer / classic owners. Owning is a privilege and a source of pleasure for him. We know better than anyone that sniffing at your passion can be very refreshing.

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  1. This Swift Gs was not made by Rik as it appears in the photos, but by the previous owner, Rik bought it like this. It's a shame that this is suggested...

    • I think the cart was just delivered in NL (according to rdw ...)
      Last transfer (of the 7 known) a month ago.
      But a nice thing, I think it really drives like a go-kart

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