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    Half a century young. The New Cars of 1972. Part One

    A new year has arrived. That means a number of important cars are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year. And 1972 brought many new car models. Traditionally, we put a number of newcomers from the past in the spotlight. Today we present part one. And in it we highlight the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, the Honda Civic, the Renault Read more

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    1900 Opel Rekord 1972 S Coupé auctioned at Catawiki

    At the moment, Catawiki is holding an auction for German oldtimers, among other things. And of course there is another special copy: an Opel Rekord D 1.9 Coupé - - from the first year of production of this generation and 110.000 kilometers on the odometer. What makes this car special is that it is a very early coupé from this generation of the Opel Rekord. This car was built during the early months of 1972. The first D models left the production line in December 1971. The first buyer of this Rekord ticked the most powerful 1.9 liter engine on the order form. That is the high compression engine with 97 DIN-HP, coupled to a manual gearbox with four gears. Read more