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  • Renault Rambler (1966)

    Renault Rambler (1966): Stylish 'French' American for Christiaan Aaldijk ... 

    Has this beautiful and stylish car - in the higher price range - from the 60s already been erased from your memory? In this color scheme a fantastic car to see and also rare. There are six more to drive around in the Netherlands and you will therefore see very little in the 'wild'. Christiaan is a good exception. He cherishes his 'American' with a link to Renault. More

  • AMC Pacer

    AMC Pacer

    American cars are big and have V8 blocks. However? And some cars, despite all the pluses, were not a success. The unique American leap of thought to saw off a part of a full sized Yank tank and in principle to use a six-cylinder in-line engine was therefore a bridge for quite some people. More

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    AMC Gremlin, the Subcompact of AMC

    AMC needed a subcompact car. A small car by American standards. A car about the size of a VW Beetle. Americans tend to be quite blunt, but practical thinkers. If you do have large cars in your offer, but not small ones? Then you make a small car through the back of a More