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  • Renault Rambler (1966)

    Renault Rambler (1966): Stylish 'French' American for Christiaan Aaldijk ... 

    Has this beautiful and stylish car - in the higher price range - from the 60s already been erased from your memory? In this color scheme a fantastic car to see and also rare. There are six more to drive around in the Netherlands and you will therefore see very little in the 'wild'. Christiaan is a good exception. He cherishes his 'American' with a link to Renault. Read more

  • AMC Pacer

    AMC Pacer

    American cars are big and have V8 blocks. However? And some cars, despite all the pluses, were not a success. The unique American leap of thought to saw off a part of a full sized Yank tank and in principle to use a six-cylinder in-line engine was therefore a bridge for quite some people. Read more

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    AMC Gremlin, the Subcompact of AMC

    AMC needed a subcompact car. A small car by American standards. A car about the size of a VW Beetle. Americans tend to be quite blunt, but practical thinkers. If you do have large cars in your offer, but not small ones? Then you make a small car through the back of a Read more

  • AMC Eagle

    AMC Eagle, landed earlier than the rest

    Many a car manufacturer claims to have put the very first crossover sister or crossover like this in the desperately hip-hungry market. But the AMC eagle landed way before. American steel Above all, the first real crossover was born more or less out of necessity. It was the late XNUMXs and no one was waiting for hip. It Read more