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    Hoera. It's autumn!

    The calendar, of course, has nothing to do with whether you drive or not. Fall and winter are just names. Our classics also had to ride that outside of May, June, July and August in their youth. And if you've just read a story about all-road winter tires, you can enjoy the winter again More

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    The technology, the autumn, the life

    The Ardennes are now that piece of hilly country you rush through on your way to the south. But you are doing yourself short on that. We still go there regularly, not through, but with years of experience and sometimes still just haphazardly.

    In the meantime we have made friends there. And friends lost. We feel connected to the Ardennes.

    Ardennes suffering

    The main means of existence in Wallonia? Those are euros. And those euros are richly provided via Flanders and Brussels. Edu lives on it. We first met him about ten years ago. He lives in an inexplicably inhabited home outside of a small village. No gas, water or electricity. There is a large, antique, wood-burning stove in the garden. More

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    Now the leaf has fallen

    Of course, autumn is not such a top season. But if you have a few days off, you can still make something of it. Go on an uninhibited tour of - for example - the north of France. At least above the Loire. More