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  • There's already a new one for that

    Bad luck – column

    It's outdated, but I almost always stop in front of people (M/F or whatever) with bad luck. Except for lease knights and princesses. Because they have a structural mobility guarantee. Read more

  • Izh planeta

    Still a dry weekend – column

    We had almost kept the weekend dry. Only on the terrace of the Seagull we got a little rain. But it wasn't cold and we were dressed fairly waterproof. So while the other terrace-sitters fled inside, we stayed put. The wait staff served the triple portion of bitterballen with those funny paper umbrellas usually used for sorbets or cocktails. Read more

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    Classic riders are different - column

    We classic riders are different from modern motorcyclists. As friendly as they can be, they usually follow the arrow of their GPS on their almost perfect motorcycles. During lunch stops they eat healthy sandwiches and drink Spa or decaffeinated coffee. They no longer smoke either. We heard from someone who planned a week-long trip up to the location and time of lunch stops. Read more

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    Breakdown and assistance

    Motorcycling in the Randstad? A must! No traffic jams, just great fun! Even if the autumn of 2020 falls in December. And so you leave on Friday afternoon from Dieren to Amsterdam. The Guzzi does not think about being an official classic. He just obediently does what he learned to do. He is old and just has to work for a living. Just like his owner. And luckily we enjoy it. Read more

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    Bad luck on the road - column

    Stopping for motorcyclists with a breakdown is no longer of this time. There is often not much to tinker with on the verge of modern motorcycles. But what if you see a man in full motorcycle outfit walking next to a Honda VT500 in the blazing sun? Then you are heartless if you don't stop for a moment. Apparently the man was happy to make a stopover on the false plateau towards Velp. Read more

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    … And the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance

    Making messages online is topical work. In the production of the monthly magazine Auto Motor Klassiek there is much more rest and planning. And that would be even more relaxed if online readers would subscribe. Because the monthly magazine is still the cork we float on. The daily online news costs nothing. And such a Read more

  • roadside assistance

    Stop for roadside assistance

    Stopping for a fellow motorcyclist who needs roadside assistance. Who else does that? We classic drivers still do that! Because it's always nice to meet new people. And if you can help someone, well…why not? Where in the past we would immediately unpack a tool roll and use improvised options to use parts, such as a piston from a Read more

  • The New Ruysch

    A classic friendly address

    Eetcafé de Nieuwe Ruysch on the Apeldoorns Canal is a classic friendly stopping point. But how friendly the owner of it is was proved last night. While a classic car driver stranded at closing time with a broken gearbox at the intersection where the catering facility is located, the owner provided a cup of coffee and left Read more