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    VW 1302. The first Super Beetle

    In 1970 Volkswagen presents its new asset in Beetleland: the 1302. It benefits from a new chassis. Other issues are also addressed with the Super Beetle, which is fed in addition to the 1200 and the 1300. A story about the (more than) 50 year old VW. Read more

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    WWII. On to the 76th birthday

    We have almost had the Jubilee of the Liberation and 75 years of no war. And in that year we heard a lot of stories and saw classics with a war past. But what is the chance that the wife of 'Reich Commissioner' Seys Inquart drove around in a Beetle from 1940 sometime between 1945-1948? Read more

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    VW TL, the 'Traurige Lösung'?

    A VW TL 'Fastback'? That was my first car. I bought it from the garage that serviced my father's 1501 Break. As a conscripted soldier I paid 300 guilders for it. And a good driving TL for 150 euros? He won't be that anymore. Because Beetles got dated Om Read more

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    VW Beetles from other countries

    The VW, so Volkswagen. The Beetle. Despite its unfortunate origins and insect-like pet name (the 'Volkswagen' was after all an idea of ​​Hitler, an admirer of the also anti-Semitic Henry Ford and beetles are usually considered scary) the Volkswagen Beetle already had a mythical poetic cult value in the XNUMXs. Beetles were seen as a symbol of the revolution, for 'downsizing' and were ridden happily by flower children. At the time, De Kever stood for the 'small is beautiful' ethos as named by EF Schumacher. Read more