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    A BMW two-valve boxer is a winner

    A befriended BMW four-season driver had given himself a new BMW. After a winter of brine and snow, his engine lost its appearance and all kinds of electronic problems occurred. BMW Motorrad did not get much further than advising him not to use his bike in winter or else to rinse it with plenty of cold water after every ride. He took his loss and bought a very nice BMW RT100 two-valve. More

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    Citroën Ami 8

    De Citroën Ami 8, an evolved type of 2CV, is one of the most recognizable cars of all time, along with that 2CV, the pike, the Beetle and R4. With the loss of recognisability, automotive charm has been exchanged for the somewhat pumped-up looks from the wind tunnel. You can't stop progress. But we think the trend is a bit sad. A befriended old school car enthusiast grumbled; "They all look like swollen barbed suppositories." More

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    Daf 55. Elegant and mature

    DAFs. Real Dutch cars with their unique transmission. Cars that were especially popular with people who should never have obtained a driver's license. Those folks tarnished the brand with a tragic reputation. And the factory did everything it could to do something about it. But even its success in the London-Sydney marathon failed to give the brand the shine it deserved. Fortunately, DAF has survived gloriously as a truck manufacturer. More

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    Walking spaghetti (on Beetles)

    There are two reasons to replace an exhaust with a non-original one: taste/finery and tuning. In the case of flavour, you can get pretty cheap with a small gain in throttle response at low revs and slightly better breathing at higher revs. If you go for tuning, pipe lengths and […] More

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    BMW prices and originality. Everything must be right

    BMW R90S engines are hand piped. However? It's funny how things on the Internet get their truth by 'cutting and pasting'. Even in the usually very correct BMW world. For example, the first series BMW R90S had pasted striping. And all over the Internet the number of 276 'stickered' R90Sen is mentioned. We recently had […] More

  • BMW K1 side

    BMW K1, can it be crazier?

    The BMW K1 was revolutionary and at the time was at least one bridge too far for many BMW drivers. Non-BMW drivers thought the machine was weird, too expensive and too BMW. The BMW K1 had some construction features that can be traced back to the 'Futuro' study model from 1981. That too was a fully streamlined machine with a basic shape of […] More

  • BMW R 80 R

    The BMW R 80 R, much too old-fashioned, much too modern

    No concept lasts forever. The fact that Harley makes V twins and BMW boxers? No one will talk about it in 100 years. But still: For BMW, the history of the air-cooled two-valve boxers seemed to last forever. According to the managers and marketers, that era has lasted too long. It […] More



    A two-stroke boxer winch The MZ BK350 After the war, Germany was redistributed and much of DKW's knowledge and production fell into communist and/or socialist hands. The IFA/MZ machines were direct successors in the DKW bloodline. But fortunately it remained with the cloning of pre-war DKW models. The BK350 is […] More

  • BMW K100

    BMW K100

    The BMW K100 was once very new news This weekend we found a pile of old motorcycle magazines at our guest address in Zeeland – now go to Cadzand Bad before the Belgians have completely taken over. The BMW K100 and K75, the whistling bricks We believe that Moto73 still exists. That would […] More

  • Ural

    New! Van Ural!

    And Ural is completely hot in the same USA! And in the harsh deserts of Hollywood, the switchable sidecar-wheel drive is indispensable.

    By the way, don't think of Richard Busweiler awards More

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