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  • Moto Guzzi

    Jan's Moto Guzzi: Classic or not?

    Jan Keijzer is a genetic engineer and Moto Guzzi enthusiast. This can lead to very nice results if you combine the possibilities of Guzzie's building set system with all the metalworking skills and a talent for electronics. Wammes recognizes Moto Guzzi's Last Sunday the dog started enthusiastically when hearing a friendly approaching More

  • Yamaha_Cafe_Racer_BAolt

    The future is behind us. Yamaha's neo classic Café racer

    In the time of the Café racers, Japan only started to export light motorcycles sparingly. That lack of history, by the way, does not mean anything bad. After all, you cannot blame an eldest brother for not being the youngest brother, the Japanese have been compensating for many years by an excess of marketing.

    At Yamaha, this recently resulted in this 'study model', the Café Racer. Based on the now old 620 cc Vtwin block with air cooling (date of birth somewhere in the early eighties of the last century). More