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Suzuki GRD 650 (1983-1984)

What Yamaha succeeded so wonderfully with the XS 650 line, that also got Suzuki thinking. There was still a demand for and a market for 'classic' parallel twins after the English example. Only the general opinion was that to be happy with that… at least you don't have to have a British twin. The Yamaha XS 650 line became legendary and iconic. But if you proudly report that you own a Suzuki GR(D) 650 'Tempter'. Then misunderstanding is your part. Oh, yes: Suzuki's own British twin was just launched too late to be a success.
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BMW vs Chang Jiang: Almost everything fits

It has been researched: When you buy something, it remains 'new' for 6 weeks. Then it is in your system. This should take into account the concept of the honeymoon. You should therefore enjoy those six weeks to the fullest. And enjoy a Chang Jiang? Amazement comes first.