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Yamaha YDS3 and the Autolube

It's all 'water under the bridge', but 'in the past' the motorcycle world was different. The motorcycles still had a lot to learn and the people who worked at the importers were not yet extensively standardized. There was still plenty of room for improvement and characters.
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Suzuki GT250

Suzuki GT250

Yes: "A heavy one is your true one!" And that heavy Suzuki also had at home. Those were the 500 cc two-stroke twins and the GT750 already discovered by enthusiasts. That 500 started its life as a heavy, fast machine and ended its days for 3.999 guilders as a kind of Jawa XL on steroids.
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Any idea what kind of engine this is?

Any idea what kind of engine block this is? Even though you sometimes feel like you are quite at home in motorcycle land, you still see things that surprise you time and time again. Things like this clunky two-stroke engine. There is no brand...

An 1000 SP instead of a DS

AMK 1 tells the unlikely story of an AMK reader who was looking for a DS and came home with a 1000 SP. About 1000 SP is a rare Auto Union. A pure sports car with a 3-cylinder two-stroke engine…