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    Citroën XM: top or flop?

    There's a plate of an XM with a diesel heart around here. It is unsaleable. Because it is a diesel. But the gorgeous XMs have another problem: At the cocktail tables, they're just as bad as Citroën BXs. More

  • Chapron

    The topless Goddesses from Chapron

    Citroen Chapron DS convertibles are so rare that there are already more on the road than ever made. So beware of counterfeiting! Incidentally, there are also beautiful DS convertibles that did not come from Chapron or pretend they did. We assume that you as a possible candidate More

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    Warc in progress. A DS as a company car

    During a photo session we suddenly found ourselves in a southern French setting. Apparently some 'final hands' were being put on the whole of a renovated building. Near the lot was a DS in a condition you dream of finding in the South of France. But now you can hardly find them in there More

  • Pierre Tissier

    Manufacturer Pierre Tissier. Supersize ma Déesse

    Or a Citroën CX. Even the XM took on mythical dimensions in the workshop in Villeneuve-le-Roi. Strange beauty Pierre Tissier was a man with two right hands and a passion for cars. However, this much more common combination did not automatically lead to particularly successful or beautiful creations. On the contrary. Well in the case of this one More

  • Traction Électrique is a collaboration between ZEVparts (Leen de Bodt), 2CV électrique (Ruben Stern) and Knooppunt Everdingen (Jos van Oosten). Together, the two electric ducks were developed in accordance with the new regulations and presented for inspection as a series at the RDW in Lelystad.

    Traction Electrique

    At the ICCCR we saw an electrically powered DS. But energizing Citroëns continues. “Traction Electrique” converts Ducks and Ducks, DSs and IDs and Hys into battery powered vehicles. Traction Électrique is a partnership between ZEVparts (Leen de Bodt), 2CV-électrique (Ruben Stern) and Knooppunt Everdingen (Jos van Oosten). More

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    The car skeleton builder

    The car skeleton builder? What should we do with that? At the last ICCCR (40.000 people arrived there in four days) Citroëns) an AMK reader saw something very beautiful. A kind of sheet metal cut silhouette model of his own 'other classic' made by a car skeleton builder. Due to whatever circumstances, it was possible to More

  • The DS Electric: Art or kitsch?

    De Citroën DS Electric: Art or kitsch?

    De Citroën DS Electric: Art or kitsch? there is a very annoying commercial clip with the rhythmic background: "Not because you have to, but because you can". Like this one electrically powered Citroën DS from 1971. Owner/builder Henk Reins has completely restored the car and provided it with a new power source. A project more than More

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    Citroëns in De Steeg. Still put it on the agenda. Because August is closer than you think: From 11-14 August there will be a party in the Steeg, between Velp and Dieren, by the ICCCR2016 foundation. ICCCR stands for Intenational Citroën Car Club Rally. The official agreement to this effect was signed this week by Gaar More

  • Oliebollen at Cyril Sars Citroën Cars

    Oliebollen at Cyril Sars Citroën Cars

    Deep fried doughnut balls. That is obvious with Cyril Sars. After all, he is a specialist in SM's and DS's. And they owe their unique driving comfort to the famous 'oliebollen' under the hood. For people who assume that perfection is the usual norm, there will be on Sunday 3 January between 12.00 and 17.00 More

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    Promising first edition of CLASSICSNL starts on 23 October

    The first edition of the new classic fair CLASSICSNL is definitely going ahead. A promising event will be organized in the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden from 23 to 25 October. Initially, the kick-off would be in September. However, the organization decided to postpone it because it was not yet satisfied with the composition in More

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