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  • Hillman Imp

    Hillman Imp

    In 1963, the Rootes Group launched the Hillman Imp, as an antidote to British Motor Corporation's successful Mini. The Imp was a lot more conventional than its stubborn counterpart. It was just a small rear-engined, rear-wheel drive car. Characteristic is that the engine was made of aluminum. Read more

  • Hillman Imp Estate

    Hillman Imp Estate

    We're pretty sure you've never seen an Estate version of a Hillman Imp in your life. We neither. Until recently. In the British town of Renfrew – on the map it can be found about 10 kilometers west of Glasgow – we traced the example depicted here. anno Read more

  • rootes group

    Roots did it once

    For example, Rootes made a successful attempt to capture two rather prestigious and sporting brands under a large damp gray blanket.
    So the Humber Scepter, a pimped Hillman Hunter, it was not. Read more