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    Citroën Mehari for the terrain. The 4×4.

    In the spring of 1979, as the popular Citroën Mehari has been around for eleven years, the French have come up with a surprising addition to the modest equipment program. Citroën the Citroën Mehari 4×4 to be announced. The quat quat will be available from October 1979 and will be built until 1984. More

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    Méhari revisited

    We recently had a message about the new Méhari carriages for around three mille. Out of curiosity we contacted the makers of that beauty. And so you end up at a company that has been intimately involved with 35 for years Citroën cooperates. Making a Méhari? It's not that simple And […] More

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    The DAF YA-66: A kind of Méhari or Trabant Kübel?

    Well no. The Méhari, made world famous in the Netherlands by winemaker/ PR man Ilja Gort, was a utility/plaything based on a 2CV platform. The Trabant was a cheerfully fuming stroller from the GDR. And the DAF YA-66? That was a serious military vehicle. A DAF with Variomatic in combat gear. But whether we […] More

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    The 1968 car year: part 3 (slot)

    2018 is a year in which numerous illustrious car models celebrate their anniversary. We look back at the car year 1968, in which various historic cars saw the light of day. We presented part one and part two of the triptych earlier this year. Today we show the third and last part with cars, which Abraham […] More

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