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    Fiberglass-reinforced polyester

    And we're not talking about the 'plastic is fantastic', like Mehari's ABS and such. But about sturdier stuff. Glass fiber reinforced polyester was once seen as 'the new steel'. Glass fiber reinforced polyester is a composite material consisting of a plastic resin matrix, glass fiber reinforcement and some other additives. It allows for greater design flexibility More

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    Upholstery repair at home

    Upholstery repair at home. It may become a trend towards home service. We also recently had a man who comes to solve electrical and electronic faults 'at home'. Colorglo does Upholstery repairs at home, and repairs leather, vinyl, plastic and textiles. We met one of the people from the company during More

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    DIY repair: a coupling cable

    Clutch cables have had plastic eyes for years. And that system is very reliable until the stain is old enough. Then the cable breaks on the eye. Unfortunately. But clutch cables are usually easy to find. Except when it comes to clutch cables from Real Exotics. Like that of the editorial 1900 cc Audi 100 More

  • Handy: Wire glue

    Handy: Wire glue

    Of course we are all wizards when it comes to soldering. But some components, such as the original handlebar switches of certain Italian classic motorcycles, or circuit boards are quite heat sensitive. And if the soldering iron is just too hot, or is held against the connection to be soldered for too long, the switch receives a More

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    A new website for Powerplustools

    Since 1999, Powerplustools has been a good address for purchasing professional tools for an affordable price. After a few relocations, mail orderers have been serving the Dutch and Belgian markets for several years now from Heerenveen. More