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  • Citroën GS Birotor. Unstable prodigy

    Citroën GS Birotor. Unstable prodigy

    Rarely has a car flopped into oblivion so progressively. Perhaps one of the most special Citroëns since ages, yet almost no one knows about its existence anymore. Just like Dries Roelvink, except for that special one. And the Citroën GS Birotor was never available in swimming trunks yellow, Dieu merci. Brown metallic or beige, more choices were More

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    Norton Wankel, the air-cooled

    Modern people have been thinking about a software system with that name for a generation+. But before that, way before that, Norton was a renowned motorcycle brand, 'the unaproachable' on tracks. The unapproachable. Later it became a somewhat convulsive brand that made rather unreliable 500 cc command blocks based on the ancient 850 cc principles. Part of the unreliability was also due to an old and tired machine park and staff who saw periods of work as annoying interruptions to the strike. More

  • rotary engine

    rotary engine

    At one time, the whole world was convinced that the brainchild of Felix Heinrich Wankel (13 August 1902 – 9 October 1988), the Wankel engine, would take over the world, spell the end of bouncing piston engines. NOT! And in fact it has already gone wrong with Wankel's Drehkolbenmotor Die More

  • Mazda museum

    Automobil Museum Frey. The first Mazda museum in Europe

    Recently the first European Mazda museum opened the gates. In Augsburg, Germany, lovers of the brand can immerse themselves in the history of the special brand from the land of the Rising Sun. 45 classic Mazdas will be exhibited in the Automobil Museum Frey and there will be an ever-changing collection. More

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    A Van Veen Wankel for 80.000 euros

    A Van Veen Wankel for 80.000 euros. That's not cat water… The Van Veen Wankel was sold through Catawiki. John Searle, a motorcycle expert at that auction house, reported that it was one of the first Van Veen Wankel produced. The machine only had about 100 km on the clock. The More

  • Spotted: A Mazda R100 Wankel

    Spotted: a Mazda R100 Wankel

    Spotted: A Mazda R100 Wankel. Mazda's were once structurally available in two flavors: a regular or a Wankel engine could be ordered in the same cars. The name Mazda comes from an ancient religion. Ahura Mazda is the creator god of Zoroastrianism, he is the light and the knowledge. The Mazda Familia More

  • citroen Shaky

    A reborn M35

    De Citroën M35 was an experimental car of which 267 pieces were offered to just as many selected Frenchmen Citroen riders. They had the task of assessing the car over a predetermined time in order to form a large scale of opinions with which Citroën gained insight into the possibilities of this Wankelmotor concept. In AMK there will be a complete restoration story More