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Farmers' barn Ter Aa
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Fred lives in a village somewhere along the A2.

He is there "The man with those motorcycles." One Saturday morning the phone rang. An old lady and a less old lady stood at the door. Fred knows them. Mother and daughter. They live in the countryside. The mother once had an attack and talks hard. The daughter is a soured single. "Whether they can talk to Fred for a moment?" Of course you can.

Fred's Inge provides coffee and cake. Something is talked about cows and calves. This fits in with the rural environment. But then mother comes, speaking with difficulty and supported by the daughters of the daughter. “You have those old motorcycles. My husband saved that too. But now I am selling my house and going into an old people's flat. And my husband's old stuff has to go. Do you want to buy that? ”Fred is more than mildly interested. Says he wants to see the stuff first. Which can. Straight away.

The trio leaves for the outside area. Behind the house is a decayed shed of ten by thirty. The locks go off. The doors will open. Inside, at dusk, the motorcycles stand side by side. There are also a few cars between the two-wheelers. Fred is best known in motorcycle country. He sees one, no two Norton Manxen. A BMW with sheet steel frame. A Vincent, an Porsche 365 B Coupé, a few zündapp motorcycles. A Norton Atlas. What Harley's. The widow says that her husband had been a submarine. If he saw an old engine somewhere, he would buy it and take it on board. He did that from 1950 to 1970.

Between 1960 and 1970, all motorcycles had about the same value, Fred knew: more than 0 guilders. All machines seemed to be in reasonable to good condition, complete and original. The daughter took over the conversation in a lively tone. She was clearly the hard liner who was allowed to bring the case to a successful conclusion. With the clarity that the case was crystal clear, she said that Fred had to make the cut. "What do you want for it?" Said Fred, who had barely recovered from everything he had seen.

Daughter looked relentless and said: “We know it's worth a lot of money. So I want 5.000 euros for it. ”The mother nodded in awe at the mention of such a monstrous amount.

Fred pretended to touch his heart and said: “That must be done then. I get the money and make sure that the shed is empty on Monday. ”Mother and daughter looked at each other satisfied with their tough business approach. Fred kept his promise. And the Rudge Ulster with radial valves he only found when clearing out. It was behind the Big Chief. That Monday he had something to explain to his employer. Because he had stored his acquisitions in a shed at his workplace. In exchange for the Norton Altlas his boss had peace with it.


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  1. Yes, very nice, but as an enthusiast let me see some pictures, Fred. Regarding the reaction, nobody knows what Fred paid to these people, so don't judge people too quickly. And would you have done it differently? or is one jealous of what happened to Fred.

  2. Opportunity! Does not happen every day and if you give more than is asked then the purchase will of course not take place. In this case I had acted like this and AH was allowed to deliver their groceries every week for free in 2016.

  3. It is of course easier to say that it is a scammer, but those 2 ladies also had to know better and could have put a little more effort into finding out that it is all worth much more.

    But if 'Fred' was a real guy, he would have offered the ladies a little more.

    • Henk & Stanley, I fully agree with you. They asked for a price and received it. I am indeed detecting a form of jealousy here.

    • Why will someone be immediately jealous if they use normal norms and values?

      I find it a shame for those who are so involved in life that abuse of ignorance seems to be normal

      But the behavior that people react coolly and heartlessly is unfortunately more evident nowadays

  4. I find this reaction under the heading of "scammer" very misplaced. He still gave the ladies their asking price. they should have done their homework better themselves. And if tomorrow you are offered a Porsche 365 for 5000 euros, I am sure that neither of you will say “no” to buy it.

  5. My father was an antique dealer. He's always had a lot of friends and people who wanted to sell him stuff because he ALWAYS offered a fair price. He couldn't stand this kind of practice, just wanted to sleep well ...

  6. Scammer there must proudly sew his old widow

    That had been a nice legacy for her and the children / grandchildren

    That porsche alone was worth at least ten times, let alone the harleys etc

  7. So. And then be proud of it, giving people an amount far below the value for something they have kept for so long.
    While you yourself know what it's worth.


    • what his julie kinder8tigely say jealous with he has paid too little if you read the article back then you also see that fred neatly asked what questions julie there before and then say the ladies 5000 euro you wanted to claim that you are in fred You stood there giving more than the asking price moral riders are with you

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