The first window scrapers have been seen again, a BMW and an XT

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When last year the first window scrapers were spotted ... Then I decided to buy a car. Of course, the daily classic is quite a pickle, but after all those winters on two wheels, his boss has seen something with that cold. Comrade Vernon de Groot has a car company. For 1500 euros I scored a huge AUDI 100 Avant from 1984. There was a vague story about the holder's exemption and the end thereof. It didn't seem like an interesting story to me. But the car was not in my system, so every time I just took the engine again.

The AUDI was upgraded to a mobile storage location

Extra dry storage space is always handy, especially if you look at what you can buy twice when you want to abandon the purchase of a new BMW GS, the most sold motorcycle in Europe.

Motorcycling is simply about fun

You can also have that motorcycle fun when you have less than twenty grand to spend. That became clear when I bumped into a very gloomy Sven. He burst out in a rant on all the madmen who had approached them via Speurders and Marktplaats. His attempt (due to serious departure abroad) to say goodbye to his first year XT 500 and his Harley converted into an XT beater had earned him a lot of pointless bids plus lengthy emails from self-proclaimed Brand & Type gurus, cloud walkers and insoles.

A commentator cursed him for the conversion of the Sportster

Someone offered 55 euros for the XT. It is a step too far that Marktplaats and Speurders drove him to South America. There was also something about taxes and the tax authorities. And of course the Dutch weather.

The Harley on high legs, even after my most brave bid, fell outside the budget. But the, unencrypted, XT 500 from 1975 got a new home after a firm handshake. I learned later that the Internet has its good sides from the man I had known for a long time, but had never met in the wild.

Aart Veerman is a motorcycle dealer and sells around 800 engines every year

His offer is in the corner where the regular dealers know no way and see no bread. But no matter how many BMW GSs are sold, the motorcyclists growing from the generation after the baby boomers are apparently in the corner of Aarts trade. Because with a neat R 1100 GS for 1650 euros, you will still come up with chic. Just to keep it at the BMW GS, the best-selling engine in Europe.

But now that the first drivers are scratching the windows again, I have to go and see Vernon in Velp again. It is time again for a car for 'there'

And it went away for 3500 euros ...

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