The Hardenberg Motor Fair

Hardenberg motorcycle fair
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Yesterday must have been a great day for the organization of De Motorbeurs Hardenberg, motor club de Gasschoeve. The weather was great, there was a lot of visitors. Really a lot of people.

Hardenberg has changed

But the offer at the new location of Hardenberg seems to have changed from 'old stuff from private individuals and attic clearances' and the friendliest prices to a normal, unsurprising offer where professional traders in more of the same (Chinese tools, etc.) and many suppliers in the field. of new and used Zündapp and Kreidler parts seem to be the main part of the range. A lot of providers… And much of the same.

Funny is that real veterans are always offered at the Hardenberg Motor Fair and that there are always quite a few 'brass' parts to be found. And that you will always find something strange there.

Weird too

There was a lot of fresh shiny stuff at this fair. And of course there were also the imitation Dunstall Decibel Silencers and Megatons that have been so popular since the outbreak of cafeteria fashion. And yes, they were there again. The Dunstalls where only 1 pipe from the famous 'gattling guns' is functional. The other pipes are blind against the end plate. Our experience with imitation Megatons and Dunstalls is very thin ... But if it is enough that they shine and are not expensive, then they are certainly an option.

Stuff that is cheaper with the Action

And of course everyone should be able to earn something, but assortment boxes with rubber and copper rings that cost a tenner at the fair, while you can get them for less than half at the Action. Those handy mirrors on telescopic poles, magnets on telescopic poles and those four-clawed grippers with a flexible rod? Why would you pay three times as much for that at a trade fair as at the Action? And if you offer the kind of guide rubbers at a trade fair that should keep the front brake cable in place on the front mudguard for more money than Guzzi specialist TLM from Nijmegen asks for it? The salesperson sitting on a chair did not respond until the third call. We held up the door with brass rings. He yelled "ten euros" and continued with his phone.

Of course, a day at Hardenberg Motor Fair is always a party

But during the last two fairs we saw a lot of audience, but few people who came out with a broad smile. That was also the tenor of the conversations we had. Almost everyone always went to the Motor Fair Hardenberg for pure pleasure. But almost everyone used to leave the gate with a few conscious or surprising finds. But that does not detract from the cosiness and the still friendly entrance fees.

Still a very happy buyer

The knowledge that had come with it as a result of an earlier conversation about the fact that there were quite a few parts for classic cars at Motorbeurs Hardenberg, which, incidentally, was happy. He found what he was looking for and that cost exactly what he hoped for.

It is of course possible that in the entire region around Hardenberg all the old things have been cleared and sold. And of course all stocks are finite.

But what if all our readers in the east and north of the country just want to take a good look behind the barns and look at attics? And then want to arrange a stand at Hardenberg in March? For a large number of visitors, that would again bring the offer that they missed this time. And it is always a great feeling to bring your fresh acquisitions to your own garage for the first time so that they can integrate.

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