Third edition CLASSICSNL: growth while maintaining identity

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From 27 to 29 October 2017 experienced its third edition. 18.000 m2 at the exhibition area was filled with a variety of high-quality classics and young timers, various industry-related, service companies and accessories. Again a successful trade show can be said and CLASSICSNL achieved modest growth.

"I think we have succeeded in once again setting up an exhibition of quality and variety," says exhibition manager Femke Beekink. “We have paid a lot of attention to decorating CLASSICSNL. In addition, together with - and thanks to - our participants, we have succeeded in raising the exhibition to a higher level. We have welcomed a striking number of visitors from the center of the country this edition. ”

Varied media program works nationwide

Beekink continues. “In order to achieve this, we carried out a varied national media program in the run-up to the exhibition and generated a great deal of media exposure. Enthusiasts have picked it up and have come to Leeuwarden in large numbers - and from all over the country. And with success: With many participants we have seen a 'sold' sign on the classic. ”

Appealing main themes

The 300SL theme square, which in collaboration with the Mercedes Benz Club Nederland was bombed into the main act, was one of the things that gave the CLASSICSNL 2017 edition cachet. The stand with two beautiful 300 SL Mercedes, a beautiful Pagoda and a beautiful Opera Cabriolet attracted a lot of people. In addition, the Catawiki classic car auction was successful and many cars changed owners last weekend. The presentation of the famous traveler family, the Zapp family, also attracted the necessary attention and many times resulted in loud applause. The Zapp family does not leave for Argentina empty-handed: Garage Cats provides the family with a new engine for their now 89-year-old Graham Paige, so that they can continue the journey a little longer.

Beautiful stands from commerce and clubs

The aforementioned was the backbone of the fair, which was further characterized by an atmospheric and tasteful ambiance, which the classics and young timers present beautifully illuminated. The various exhibitors - both the commercial participants and the clubs - ensured a nice cohesion in Leeuwarden. Nobody could ignore the once again impressive stand of Cars, Cola and Coins. The pavilions of the Klassieker Club Fryslân and the HAV also appealed to the imagination. Furthermore, Cats' stand - with fantastic pre-war classics - made a great impression for the third year in a row, and Marinus Brouwer was able to skillfully convey his Passion for Glans. Across the board, the range and the decoration was well taken care of by all involved. That is why there was enough reason for satisfaction with the stock exchange, which has been one of the better stock exchanges in the Netherlands since its launch in 2015.

"Space for development"

According to stock market manager Femke Beekink, there is still room for development. "Despite modest growth, we are still not completely satisfied. We think that much more can be achieved from this exhibition and believe in the potential of CLASSICSNL. The organization will therefore evaluate with the participants and visitors in order to make the fourth edition an even greater success, "says the exhibition manager, who, with her team, has fine-tuned on the first two versions.

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