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De Auto Motor Klassiek Issue 9-2023 has been available in stores or at your home for some time now. It has become another publication with the necessary varied topics. One of these is an extensive report about the Toyota Celica RA24 by Henk Toonstra from Burgum. De Fries has a soft spot for sporty Japanese-made cars, especially if they have a classic label attached to them. His Toyota glories in the current AMK edition.

The Toyota Celica came onto the market in the early 20s and was in fact immediately intended for multiple markets. One of them was the North American sales market. Think global, act local was an early starting point for Toyota. To limit it to the Celica-XNUMX series: a Celica intended for Europe differed technically significantly from the Celica that Toyota 'invented' for the North American market.

So Henk Toonstra has a 24 RA1977 delivered in the United States. This Celica is equipped with the 2189 cc 20R engine, in combination with a three-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, this Celica was adapted to Californian specifications at the time, loosely translated: the regulations regarding emission requirements were applied. Furthermore, this Celica no longer has the sloping, but the straight front as Toyota used it during the last years of the 20 coupe series. Henk bought the car in Rotterdam, and the Toyota came from an auction in America. The auction sticker is still there.

The car was technically overhauled, but still bears the patina he collected in San Francisco. “It's part of his life history,” Henk said at the time. And that is why we commend him for visibly preserving that history. What also belongs to the Celica is the visibly excellent finish, the rich infotainment and... the unsurpassed driving qualities of this Toyota.

During the test drive, the Japanese family coupe revealed a formidable driving character that fits seamlessly into current traffic. It was also remarkable that the car hardly produced any noise, and that was an indication that the build quality of the Celica is still good today.

You can read the entire history of this Celica, a description of the 'American' 20 versions in particular, the purchase history and the complete impression of this Toyota. Auto Motor Klassiek 9-2023. And when you have read it, you will know why this Japanese classic has more than deserved its place within the classic scene for years.

Toyota celica ra24 in amk 9-2023
Toyota celica ra24 in amk 9-2023
Toyota celica ra24 in amk 9-2023
Toyota celica ra24 in amk 9-2023
Toyota celica ra24 in amk 9-2023


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