Triumph Toledo (1972). Potent rally bomb from Diederik. 

Triumph Toledo (1972)
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“The Toledo is one of the popular Triumph family, the design was by Giovanni Michelotti. The range of quality sporting saloons started with the Triumph 1300 and was in production from 1965-1980. In 1970 the threedoor Toledo came. ”

Thus begins the history described in the 'Triumph enthusiast's guide '. That enthusiasm is still there with Diederik Spoelstra (30), not to mention the other members of the passionate family.

Leisure activity

When they are working on their English classics, Diederik is at Toledo, his father at Triumph Spitfire MK 3 convertible and his mother working on the 'English baby' Mini Cooper. Otherwise they talk about it and if they don't talk about it they think about it. Isn't that real love?

This is an offer you can't refuse

Thus began the history of the Triumph Toledo by Diederik. It was reasonably priced Triumph Toledo who put a smile on his face. The goal was to make it a unique creation. Rusted sheet metal had to be replaced and the search began for parts needed for a restoration. It soon became apparent that it was not easy, the best solution was to buy a donor car, that was one Triumph Dolomite. The restoration by father and son of the Triumph Toledo could begin.

Assignment: Not necessarily original, but tough

Diederik: “In the many reactions to my Toledo I have wondered why it is so important for some to keep a classic original. You determine the boundary yourself by what you like and that is the potent rally bomb for me. Of course far from original, but exclusive of which there is no second in the Netherlands. ”

Rough trolley

To make it such a rugged cart, the engine was replaced by a larger version of the Dolomite. There was an air intake on the hood. The seats are from a Mazda Miata. Fog lights were installed in a modified grill. Bumpers were removed. There were alloy wheels from a Dolomite Sprint underneath. Finally, the Englishman was lowered. The metamorphosis was completed by painting the car in Royal Blue.


We can appreciate the enthusiasm with which this beautiful blue Triumph Toledo has come about 'with finery'. Don't look for an explanation why this family is so passionate and has put so much time, energy and money into classics. We are happy that so many beautiful classics (especially in summer) populate our roads.

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  1. Formerly worked at the Triumph dealer, delivered them new and tinkered a lot. Also remember its predecessor, one Triumph1300 TC in an old barn has been there for 40 years.

  2. I think this is a beautiful car to look at, not least because of the chosen color. Can I now conclude that 'Royal Blue' is a Triumph color, or is it a color of the RDW (license plate blue)?

  3. Nice car, although the Dolomite is a nicer model for me. But that dashboard! And then cars from the past without bumpers, think of the Simca 1000, the NSU TT, the Alfa GTV and Giulia, the Lancias.
    It is a pity that it is not a sight in today's cars.

  4. It always pleases me that young people are also involved with these kinds of classics.

    And well, "original" can be explained in 2 ways, right?
    Folder-original, and original in the sense of different-as-different.
    And the owner decides, right?
    Become a cool bake.

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