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The new' Triumph Trident

Triumph Trident
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Meanwhile, the Hinckley Triumph Trident also classic again

After the first. successful, test drive turned out to be the British Racing Green Triumph Trident no longer to start. Experience has shown that problems after key work usually come from…. That key work. So by its own fold… That was studied too closely. But even after an extensive measurement session with the multimeter, the riddle remained unsolved. But sometimes, very occasionally, the starter motor worked… Then you look for places where there could be a fault that could be caused by movements in the wiring harness. But the Triumph Trident was stable on a sturdy lift bridge. You would say little chance to move. An email followed to Hinckley specialist Kat motorcycles in Noordwijkerhout. Always nice to be able to contact people who understand something. The answer was:
“If you press the start button, voltage must be applied to the yellow / black wire of the relay plug.
What also sometimes breaks is the switch on the clutch lever or the plug of it goes loose. Then it will not start either… .. The starter relay itself never breaks down ... If you have already tried to start with the clutch pulled in, you short-circuit part of the starting circuit ”.

... and it was the plug at the clutch lever

Where we hadn't even been close to tinkering. Pure attention-grabbing from a grumpy British Lady who has slept too long. The conclusion: if common sense no longer works: contact a specialist.

Something can go wrong everywhere

But with the New one, conceived by John Bloor, Triumph Trident went and goes very little. And that is the first generation of Hinckley Triumphs were called names for obsolete Kawasaki? Bloor has never made it a secret that he learned from the Japanese how to make good motorcycles. And it pleads for the man's genius insight that he did not start his company by embroidering pointlessly on the totally outdated Triumph Trident design from time to Meriden.

The new Tridents

The 750-900 cc Hinckley Trident is a very nice tribute to the 'old Tridents'. The 750 cc version - sold very little here - was the 'savings model'. A lot of the 900 cc Tridents were put away under the motto 'heavier is better'. The rock-solid three-cylinders weren't as graceful dancers as the T150-T 160s were. But you could ride it obediently and ruthlessly carry on. If Bloor had already cheated on Kawa, he would have done it perfectly. But there was something undeniably British about the Tridents that appealed to a great many people. Currently, the range of these motorcycles from 1991 is realistically pleasant. Despite the fact that they are virtually indestructible, it is useful if maintenance history is known. But then you are for a grand or four bacon buyer. 

The setback

In the distant past I already had one Triumph Trident, a T150 V. I drove it alternately with Norton S pipes, long Megatons or Dunstall 'Red Cap' dampers. That all sounded equally good. Under the new Trident, StarTwin adapted long megatons. Under the old Trident, those dampers sounded very nice between 4500-5500 rpm. The new Trident easily turned 7.500-8.500 rpm. And at those speeds my nostalgic mufflers just sounded horribly loud, screaming and mean. I never imagined it, but I was happy when I got the standard dampers back on.

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