Unique. The only Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet in the world

Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet
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Let's go back to the 2016 Bremen Classic Motor Show, when there was no lockdown yet and the world mainly knew Corona from the beer and the car. During the Bremen Classic Motor Show, the large crowd had the opportunity to see some special Karmann models and prototypes. The main theme was a rare collection. Not far from the Sonderschau was a car that would certainly have fitted in. However, it was not part of the Karmann collection, but was owned by the German Stephan Wöber: the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet.

We fall in with the door. This Audi on display at the Auto Union stand is the only Karmann Cabriolet of the Super 90 in the world. A Single copy so, that at first glimpse immediately caught my full attention. The Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet from Wöber did not make its trade fair debut in Bremen. He did so in 1967, where it was shown to the public as a prototype at the prestigious IAA. The consideration was made to put the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet into production. Those responsible for the Audi, which had been restored a few years earlier, focused on the current F103 series, which also included the Super 90, under the direction of Volkswagen. The F103 series was initially intended to return the Audi brand name once, after VW took over Auto Union from Daimler Benz.

Fifty years after public debut in Bremen

However, the new series sold so well that Audi mother Volkswagen saw room to have a convertible made by Karmann as a test. That convertible became the car that we saw almost fifty years after its public debut in Bremen. A sequel did not get off the ground, but the unique Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet was cherished. Twenty years after production, the young Stephan Wöber came across the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet during a trade fair visit. He immediately fell under the spell of the open Super 90. To his own surprise, he was able to take over the car for a reasonable price. To this day, the Karmann Audi is in the possession of the Wöber, which of course preserves the car well, but also just with the Audi.

"Made to ride"

“That's what it was made for,” says Wöber. “In the summer I use it for touring. And I don't drive it in the winter. If the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet is shown at a trade fair during the winter, I make sure that it is transported by trailer, because salt is very bad for a car that is not protected against rust.” The latter indicates that the Audi Super 90 from Wöber saw the light of day as a prototype. Not intended for driving, but to show the possibilities of an Audi in combination with the craftsmanship of Karmann.

Traces of use make the prototype alive

“I keep the car technically well maintained and of course I make sure that it is well preserved. But what you see here is a car that is certainly as good as original in terms of construction. That also applies to the Mitteldrückengine. This technically proves to be a historical bull's-eye. It is reliable and also quite economical.” The patina on the Audi, for example nicely visible on the hood construction, gives the unique convertible a lot of character. And that is enhanced by the atmosphere of luxury, which you will find in the interior of the Audi. And yet: the fact that the Audi we discovered was a one-off only makes it more special. Especially with the knowledge in mind that the owner's prototype just entrusted to road traffic.


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  1. On the internet you can also find photos of a green specimen and even a photo of this white one, the green one and a red one, together in 1 photo. So he doesn't seem completely unique; very nice of course, especially keep it on the road!

  2. Well, that mitteldruck motor: still memories of… the sound! According to my information at the time, compressed so highly, near the knock limit, that the low-speed knock-knock rattle sounds flew around your ears, that the engine could give out at any moment. You have to hand them over: they had already been given a lead through technology back then. Nice article again!, maybe dedicate a separate article to this engine?

  3. A very realistic man, that Mr. Wöber. It's a car, and it's made to drive! Despite the fact that other people disagree with me (who think that my BMW E28 535i, which is in excellent condition, should be treated as a museum piece), I think so (and do) about (and with) my car. Nowadays about 5000 km per year.

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