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More than a century ago, in November 1918, World War I ended, and that fact spurred tremendous economic growth in America. With a booming economy, the auto industry grew quickly. At the forefront of this car boom, Henry Ford, as an American car manufacturer, was the first to develop the moving assembly line, the assembly line, that changed the entire automotive industry.

After founding the Ford Motor Company in 1903, Henry Ford had the brilliant plan to convert military pickups into civilian utility vehicles. In 1917, Ford had made what could be considered the first pickup truck in America - the Ford Model TT.

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Chevrolet as a close second

Chevrolet, however, was not far behind Ford in its efforts to produce a pickup. Chevrolet introduced the Model 1918 in 490. Both vehicles came with only a cab and chassis, the body itself had to be built or installed by an outside company. The history of trucks in America began with the introduction of these two vehicles. These early models have paved the way for pickup history as we know it today.

And pickups provided and provide the largest constituent of the American auto market. And for us, the classic pickups are beloved classics. But we often turn them into classics with some advantages. And you would say: 'rightly so'.

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Pickups: few subtle things

Because the real American classic pickups? These are clumsy, languid, slow, noisy and very basic things. And they drink petrol. The ex-works motorization usually does not consist of tough eight-, but heavy six in-line blocks with the finer points of an agricultural vehicle. It is the exceptional type of American cars that is not automatically equipped with an automatic gearbox. Usually there is a manual three-speed gearbox. They do best when fully loaded. They are delivered ex works with a very rigid suspension. They are trucks in every way, including the disregard for driver comfort. They are simple and mechanically heavily oversized and tough. The last two aspects are things. Americans don't usually deal with older cars with love and care. For example, topping up oil is more common than changing oil.

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It is easy to work on

Fortunately, getting a USA pickup in order isn't usually rocket science. Almost all parts are still for sale at low prices. And to pimp such a retired work animal? There are countless measures for this. Of course, mounting a V8 and an automatic transmission is the first reflex. Work on the wheelhouse and brakes will come soon after. The suspension and damping can also be brought to a human level with items that you only take out of the box and assemble.

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Because it's all so easy, and inexpensive to do, many of the pickups (and panel vans) offered here are in surprisingly good condition. But don't expect the comfort you would expect from a luxury passenger classic.

The various suppliers also offer sound insulation mat sets, door and roof panels, making it quieter in the cabin. And so you make a very cool classic, with which you can also make a good decoration if you need to carry construction material or something.

After all, were they thought of that in their time? You saw that in the folder material from that time.

USA pickups are not for the faint of heart!

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