Appraisal is a profession. Quite a difficult subject

Also worth the appraisal during restoration.

We have been doing valuations for decades. And for an appraisal you must of course see the relevant classic. But you also need to know what you are looking at. For example, we had to assess a number of classics from a dubious bankruptcy, including a rather special Moto Guzzi.

Also for the government

That was commissioned by some government / bald plucking service. To clarify the situation, a lot of money was added to itemized invoices. One such invoice stated almost € 8.000 worth of parts plus part numbers. And then it's really funny to know that Harley-Davidson numbers look very different from Moto Guzzi OEM part numbers.

Would you like to email what this is worth?

The email if we wanted to specify the values ​​of the cars on the list:

merk roadworthy knows / papers
Alfa '90 and parts 1987 no NL
Alfa GTV 1978 no NL
Alfa Montreal 1977 ja NL
Fiat 130 bc 1973 no NL
Fiat 1500 convertible 1964 no NL
Fiat 2300 S Coupe 1962 ja NL
Fiat 500 1971 ja NL
Isuzu Trooper 1983 no NL
Lamborghini P300 1978 no NL
Lancia HPE Volumex 1985 no NL
Maserati Merak 3000 1975 no English
Mercedes 190 SL 1960 superstructure no NL
Mercedes 220S 1965 no NL
Mercedes 350 SL 1971 superstructure no German
Nissan Patrol + new engine & gearbox 1981 no NL
Peugeot Lion 1906 disassembled no NL
Alvis type TG1250 1929 ja NL

That was not going to be him without seeing the cars. But it made us very curious. It is useful to know that a valuation is of course based on craftsmanship, knowledge of the market and a sharp eye. But it is - usually - not an approach where things like compression and wheel bearings are measured.

But sometimes the results can be surprising. A very sad condition Peppie & Kokkie mobile did not go to the scrap iron after checking the numbers showed that it was once a very serious Kubelwagen. And a German Jeep like this does a ton when restored. But if we hadn't checked the numbers ...

A valuation is a solid snapshot

A valuation is a thorough inspection of the vehicle and a recent valuation report from a good valuer gives a very good indication of the condition of the valued classic car. In addition, such an appraisal says little about the sales value of the classic in question. The value assigned to the vehicle is that for which, according to the appraiser, you can buy a similar one in the short term. In a calm negotiation process you can in fact almost always score a suitable replacement below the appraisal value.

Important for insurance

The most important is the appraisal value for the insurance. Because purely under insurance terms, even a Mercedes Gullwing or a lightweigt E type has a daily value of a carton of yogurt plus a box of sprinkles.

Fluctuating values

The value of a tipsy Citroën Not even that long ago, BX without a valuation was € 300. With the valuation report, the insurance of the other party paid € 1.347. As a result, that BX now drives around neatly again.

Which many people also don't know

And even if his garage burns down, money comes from the insurance. Because the classic is insured against fire and theft. Surprisingly few people know that a classic on an active license plate is not covered by the contents insurance of buildings.

Also worth the appraisal during restoration. And after restoration, worth between 7.500-10.000.
Without appraisal total loss. Valuated repaired again
Valuation: especially for 'daily drivers'

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