Volkswagen Beetle 1303 (1973) by David. A 'personal' classic

Volkswagen Beetle 1303 (1973) by David. A 'personal' classic
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The word Beetle sounds familiar to many people. Many people immediately associate the word with the Volkswagen, which evokes memories for many people. Memories of a disappeared street scene. That does not apply to David Halbersma, because he is only 19 years old and would like to keep this 1303 Volkswagen Beetle 1973 on the road as a hobby car. David is one of the young enthusiastic classic enthusiasts who likes to show his classic in the area. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

What possesses him to drive a 48 year old car? Wouldn't he be better off picking up a modern car from the local dealer? No, for him it's the sympathy, a warm feeling for this cuddly toy on wheels. This Volkswagen Beetle 1303 offers a bit of freedom and is also affordable for him as a student. 


We are not going back to the past, nor to the history of the Volkswagen Beetle. There are actually meters of books written about this mode of transport. It was once designed and produced, a mass product that made it easy for us to move around. Everyone has their own reason for investing time and energy in it and we do not think about the deeper motives of the classic owner. 


David: “A personal car for everyone, that appeals to me. We owe our prosperity to the fact that goods were produced in large numbers, such as the Beetle. And then the wishes are more of an individual nature to be distinctive. For example, I have beautiful rims on my pet, eyelashes on the headlights, a special accessory for the jack support that you can also use to loosen the hubcaps. But the most important thing is not visible, but clearly audible: A special exhaust that gives the sound of a racing Porsche. And there is more to be done, the engine is being replaced by a stronger one with more power. And the photos also make it clear that it has been newly painted.” 

The Volkswagen Beetle 1303 is a special sight for this young student of commercial economics, certainly among all those square modern cars formed by wind tunnels. The Beetle stands out – original or not – because of its Jugendstil-like shapes. People want to distinguish themselves and that is certainly the case in the classic world. Most people collect something, for David it's the compliments he gets for his Volkswagen Beetle 1303. And that is of great value. 

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  1. It continues to fascinate me that the best-selling car ever is also the most discarded car, and therefore quite rare on the road.

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