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Do you have a classic car that is older than 50 years? Then you no longer have to undergo an APK inspection from 2021. But is that such a good idea? Voluntary Classic Inspectorate (VKI) thinks not and offers an alternative. An article in the September issue of Auto Motor Klassiek, which is now in stores, Jouke Bloem elaborates on this new form of inspection and the experiences with it. He went with his MG MGB to Garage De Basis in Leeuwarden and had a VKI performed. And yes, the results are promising.

Voluntary Classic Inspection. More than an APK

Voluntary Classic Inspection is an initiative of BOVAG department Dutch Car Restorers, FEHAC and KNAC. It's not just an APK alternative, it's more. For € 175 you get a detailed check of your classic car that goes much further than a normal technical inspection. VKI combines elements of an MOT, appraisal and purchase inspection, and has this carried out by certified garages that are regularly checked by Aboma. At the end of the inspection you will receive a detailed report and a numbered sticker with a green curl, proof of good behavior for your car.

Safety first

In an era in which classic cars no longer have to be inspected, the Voluntary Classic Inspection offers a reassuring solution. The inspection may reveal imperfections in your car that you may have missed yourself, no matter how careful you have been. Whether you are planning to sell your classic car or just want to be sure of the condition of your car, the VKI can be an invaluable source of information.

What is inspected?

The Voluntary Classic Inspection is an extensive inspection and includes various facets such as:

  • General matters such as the registration number and the papers with the car
  • Interior and controls
  • Engine and fuel system
  • Exhaust system
  • Electrical installation and battery
  • And much more

With VKI you know exactly where you stand. You receive a checklist that covers all aspects of the car, and you know exactly which parts of your classic car need extra attention.

Benefits for owners

Voluntary Classic Inspection is not only good for safety; it is also an excellent way to extend the life of your classic car. The article in Auto Motor Klassiek talks about the usefulness of preventive maintenance. Parts such as rubber hoses and the oil in the gearbox and rear axle, for example, require regular attention to maintain the integrity of the car.


VKI is a valuable initiative that adds a new dimension to classic car ownership. Whether you're a novice classic car owner or a seasoned enthusiast, Voluntary Classic Inspection offers a peace of mind and expert evaluation you won't find anywhere else. It is definitely worth considering if you care about the safety and durability of your classic car. Make an appointment today and experience for yourself the many benefits of this thorough inspection.

You can read the extensive report of the Voluntary Classic Inspectorate that editor Jouke Bloem had carried out for his classic in the September edition of Auto Motor Klassiek. It is now in the store.


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  1. The problem with an MOT inspection station is that they do not always have the right knowledge and experience for inspecting a classic car. Another issue is that the inspection requirements that a car must meet sometimes deviate from the practice for a classic car. Discussions and ambiguities then arise.
    But every classic car driver still wants a safe car. A solution would have been to offer a “professional strange look” inspection. An inspection of standard points with the professional's eye and a report of findings and recommendations.
    I was interested in that (safety classically checked but without MOT time pressure)
    Unfortunately, it has now become an expensive inspection that extends far beyond safety. That's fine, but I don't need that.

  2. Advertorial? The amount of time and money spent on setting this up is unbelievable. In any case, everyone is free to have their classic car inspected, according to MOT and/or other standards and wishes. And that doesn't have to cost so much. In my opinion, this adds absolutely nothing to what is already (possible). Just extra paperwork and propaganda.

  3. My goodness, that's a nice earn... No, sorry, there are plenty of alternatives that are 6x cheaper. It's never going to work out that way, too much of a cash register model.

  4. Nice Vedien model, a creative mind came up with it, but of course it's nonsensical! I love not having an MOT, if I offer the car to five different garages, I get different repair advice five times??

  5. Unlike the VKI, the MOT is a legal obligation.
    A voluntary inspection that:
    – is 6 times as expensive,
    – not required,
    – has no value for the government…
    ..will probably be largely ignored by the target group.

  6. A stillborn child.
    MOT cost me 25 excl. VAT
    The VKI is 6 times as expensive and does not have the status of a value appraisal accepted by the insurer, which costs 20 euros for the VKV and provides a discount voucher.

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