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Guy never thought he would meet his childhood sweetheart on two wheels again. It was 1975 when he bought his first Norton Commando 850 fresh from the showroom. The motorcycle was not only a reward for completing his studies, but also a symbol of freedom and adventure.

His father, a man of tradition and security, had reservations. “Are you sure you want to do this, boy? Motorcycles are dangerous,” he had said. But Guy had already made up his mind. He would explore the world in his own way, and his Norton would be a big part of that.

Guy had visited many places on his Norton. One of his favorite rides was to an old barracks on the East German border, a place that fascinated him. On those long drives over winding roads and through picturesque villages, he felt a form of meditation he couldn't find anywhere else.

Over the years, Guy traded his Norton for a range of BMW motorcycles. They may have been more reliable and modern, but they lacked the soul and character of his old Norton. It was as if he had left a part of himself behind.

The memory of his old Norton came back in 2022 when he met Dirk Droessaert, a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Dirk rode up on a sparkling Norton Commando 961 Breitling Sport. It was as if the past and the future collided, and Guy knew he had to relive his old love.

With renewed passion, Guy embarked on the project to find and restore his Norton Commando 850. The first ride after the restoration was to that old barracks on the East German border, the same path he had ridden so many times, but now with the wisdom and experience of the years.

The ride was not only a journey through space, but also through time. The wind in his face, the engine roaring beneath him, it was a reminder of who he was and a celebration of who he still is. For Guy the circle was complete again; his Norton and he were together again, ready for new adventures.

Harry Linker's full story about Guy's Norton Commando Mk III and a bit about the Breitling edition with photos can be read in the September edition of Auto Motor Klassiek, which is now in stores.


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  1. The sentence “On those long drives over winding roads and through picturesque villages, he felt a form of meditation that he found nowhere else.” Immediately reminded me of the book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance". I thought that was a special book about 45 years ago. Maybe a tip….

  2. Re: “This message is mainly intended for….”.
    The editors of course meant “intended”. When I see this kind of bad Dutch, I give up reading (further). That's what I mean.

  3. I had already read the article (like the rest of the September AMK).
    That's the advantage when it falls on the mat (just a little earlier) at home 😀.

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