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 Indian Owner wantedAnd it is the current owner who is looking for that ex. The current owner did an internship during his studies. Like many students at the time, he had a motorcycle from budget grounds such as transport and from passion. A slightly older employee said that his father-in-law had an old engine in parts in the attic,

Just before the end of the internship, our student was allowed to view the fully dismantled motorcycle stored in the attic. Under the mention that he was only allowed to look. The engine was not for sale.

However, the current owner had already done so much preliminary work at the viewing that he impressed the former owner. At the farewell, the current owner was stopped: "You can buy it if you put it together and then show it to me".

Financially that was a bit of a problem, but it worked. Then about ten years elapsed before the block was assembled again and a little before the machine was running again.

There were some jobs and relocations in between and recently the owner calculated that the Indian had already started about twenty years ago. And that he had not yet had time to show it to the former owner. And its name and address were dissolved in the mists of time.

After twenty years, the Scout started with the first stage.

But do you know who the RR-35-79 was in the attic about a year or 35-50 ago?

The current owner wants to keep his old promise and show the 741 to his previous owner.

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