Which classics buy now?

Renault R5
Perhaps there is more driving pleasure to experience with a Renault R5?

Who could have imagined 50 years ago that for a Morris Minor, Citroën 2CV / Dyane, Austin A30 / A35, Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Bus T1, Renault R3 / R4, Opel Kadett / Ascona to name a few brands and types ever a small power would be paid? After all, they were all 'normal' cars with production numbers of many hundreds of thousands of items that determined the streets every day. And then we go and watch 'coffee grounds'. The same will happen with cars such as the Renault Twingo Phase I, Peugeot 205, Volkswagen Golf 1, Renault R5, Fiat Panda ... The one will rise in price more strongly than the other. The Renault Twingo of the first series, for example, is today a very popular model that rolled out the factory gates no less than 1993 million times from March 1998 to August 2,4. They are still enough now, even though finding a cool and beautiful original copy is already becoming more difficult.

The Renault Twingo Phase I is going to be a good investment in the coming years ...

The Peugeot 205 that from March 1983 to September 1998 almost 5,3 million off the assembly line. The GTi and Rallye version is the most popular among enthusiasts. In 2015 the average price - for all types - rose by no less than 15 percent. Regarding the Volkswagen Golf 1, the GTi version is the most popular. You would almost think that the price is already out of reach? nope, will only become more expensive in the coming years. But Volkswagen had more to offer in the Golf area. Despite the fact that from May 1974 up to and including December 1983 a total of 6,15 million copies started to determine the global street scene, the 'normal' Golf will also prove to be a good investment ... The Renault R5 that runs from January 1972 up to and including June 1984 no less than 5,7 million times on the street. Of course, the special (and fast) Renault R5 models are the most popular with enthusiasts.

Perhaps there is more driving pleasure to experience with a Renault R5?

And then something like a Fiat Panda, the ultimate 'cookie tin' that was even available as an 4 × 4 in Italy in particular ... From the introduction in January 1980 to the finish flag in September 2003 saw no less than 5,5 million pieces ... the price has risen by no less than 16 percent in one year. Additional advantage, you can still tinker with these cars yourself ...

The Fiat 'primal' Panda rose by no less than 16 percent in one year. There is also a handy trailer to make ...

Note that all the cars mentioned can rust terribly. They are therefore not built to 'save'. It's about finding one that is still cool, not messed up and looks like it just came out of its box. And preferably - if applicable - the 2-door version (the 'third' door, so the 'tailgate', not included). The only question is, why do you have a classic, as an investment or to enjoy it?


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  1. as REMCO already said “nice trolleys” for the low budget. it would be much more pleasant if politics would cooperate. (RED: what about Mr. van Emden's bill ??)

  2. Nice huh? Nice carts. Everything that is newer, after about 1995 is no longer fun to work on yourself, much too complex. By the way, an 205 doesn't rust very much!

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