Verkeerd afgelopen in Portugal

Verkeerd afgelopen in Portugal. Portugal and Spain are not known as the ultimate locations for classics. But exceptions confirm the rule.

“For example, a few years ago a retired American bought a farm with a barn whose doors were firmly welded shut. He was the only candidate and bought the farm for an apple and an egg. Because it had been waiting for a new owner for 15 years. ” The owner of the farm and the cars had a car company in the years '70 and' 80, he placed the special specimens that passed his garage separately in the shed. When it was full, the doors were (strangely enough) soldered shut. That story began to sing around 2012.

There were classics in the shed, doorknob on doorknob… The collection was valued at 35 million dollars. Oh yes: That whole story was correct except for the pensionado and the 15 year barn. Because apparently it was the former garage mechanic who wanted to bring his collection to the attention via the Intenet Rumor Machine. And he already did that from 2007.

And the number of cars in the shed grew over time from 80 to 320 units ... Don't they say: "Never ruin a good story by finding out the truth?"

The son-in-law of a classic enthusiast shot this picture at the height of Furadouro and surprised his father-in-law with it. When asked whether his son-in-law had seen more classic cars, his answer was: "No, I don't believe that."

It seems to us that this old American is ending quite badly. Do you know what kind of car we see here?

But if you are considering buying some real estate in Portugal: Just be sure to check out all the barns before you make the purchase jump.

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