Renovating classics. Is that allowed?

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We recently had a 'customized' Yanktank in AMK. It showed that Auto Motor Klassiek readers m / f (but especially 'm') have a pleasantly large frame of mind. When such a metamorphosis was once described in a club magazine, almost a revolution broke out: it was sacrilege!

Because there is no arguing about taste. And because it is possible

And that while the conversion of cars must have started almost immediately after the invention of this funny phenomenon. For us too, there are limits to all creativity. But in the States where 'as big and exuberant as possible' is seen as a reasonable alternative to 'beautiful', classics are transformed into… without any respect. To things that you often look at with amazement. Whatever else you think about a VW spectacle beetle with a Chevy small block that sticks out like a baboon's butt.

As long as the last remaining copy is not cut

And what is all done with 'old' Americans? Fine. It is about personal taste and about basic material that is widely available. Whatever is encrypted, there will always be enough respectfully old and original copies left. What if there are people who equip a Chevrolet Impala undercarriage with jet fighter hydraulics so that the Chevrolet can jump like a cat to a butterfly? Well, some people are just a bit more exuberant than the average small entrepreneur of a Reformed background.

Tribute or 'fun'. Does it matter?

This also applies to exotics such as the construction of the large Bentley sports cars based on original chassis from 'not interesting' Rolls-Royces and Bentleys.

Here in the Netherlands there are (fortunately) playful minds who combine love and knowledge for and of classical technology with an uninhibited world view. For example, Rob made his own, unique Peugeot 'Sports' from a pile of old Peugeot parts, a lot of wooden frames and aluminum sheet, and received the compliments of the RDW. As an aside: The current project besides that to make a Peugeot truck is the transplantation of a XNUMXs American six in line into a thin Peugeot chassis. Also beautiful.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands ...

Following the custom in AMK, we asked for reactions from readers who also have such plans / cars. One of the first to respond to that call was Dave Jansen. He bought his 1937'er Buick from the well-known Joop Stolze with the idea to roll up his sleeves.

The rock-solid basis is therefore a Roadmaster that left the factory with an eight cylinder in line of thick 5 liters and 122 hp. At the time, that was enough for a carriage of almost five and a half meters and something of two tons.

What's the plan?

In short: the case is completely stripped, the interior of an Audi is added and the eight-in-line is replaced by a small block V8. For the time being, the idea is to keep the rest pleasantly standard. To us that sounds like a tight plan and we agreed with Dave to keep in touch.

The first steps. To be continued
From an old Barrett-Jackson auction brochure. In 2015 it was hammered at something like $ 28500
Rob's own Peugeot
Pimped saloon, tribute or re-creation? What does it matter?


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  1. It is simple, make cars older than 50 years world heritage and approve them as already happens at the PAC, among others. Exhibit them publicly in a museum-like space, which will be widely available soon .. Freely accessible to
    Everybody. Organization: ntb

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