Morris Minor 1000 Estate (1966). Ciska's car.

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Jan and Ciska have two passions. First of all, their work as operators of a very nice sailing clipper (LENA-ADRIANA), providing many tourists with pleasant hours. In addition, they have always had a passion for classic cars. Jan has been able to give more cast-offs a second life over the years, as is the case with this Morris Minor 1000 Estate. And Jan is still looking for new opportunities. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Jan and Ciska found this Morris Minor Estate of Traveler in Winterswijk. The car was used as an advertising medium for a catering company. It was actually half a car. Only the front was complete, while otherwise it was in a desolate state. Jan was wary of the inspection. His earlier work as a car mechanic made him an experienced mechanic and therefore also alert to possible setbacks of welding and rust. The financial feasibility of the project has been calculated. The decisive factor was because there was a whole new wooden frame with the car. After which it was decided to purchase. That is already more than 7 years ago. 

Wooden frame 

That wooden frame was definitely the work of a specialist. Various pieces of ash wood that had to be screwed together later, correct sizes, accurately finished. This frame came from England, where they specialized in making wooden frames for the Traveler. Despite the correct sizes, it took a lot of effort to make everything fit. The same problem occurred with both doors. Maybe Jan has uttered a spicy word. An Englishman would say, It'II be a lot of blue air. 


For Ciska, the car is irresistible. After many years in the shed, he was brought back to life by Jan in 2019. Not in the white original color. Ciska preferred Smoke gray. Ciska: “When we visited a car museum in England, we were surprised that there was not a single Morris Minor. After all, it was the 'supreme small car' that was extremely popular, where the 'classic shape' is still admired. Perhaps for the museum owner it was still a mass product that was only made to move, or to drive from A to B. ” 

Good feeling 

For Ciska it is a good feeling to be the owner of a classic. It's not about the marbles, it's about the game. The game of relaxation, that of (driving) pleasure. Does Ciska want to know something about the Morris technique? No way. For her it is a joy to drive it. Out with her friends. Shopping. Small rides in the area, only on sunny summer days. The four-legged friend also has a permanent place in the English classic and goes with every ride. Is there something mechanical? Then Jan comes into the picture. 


The Morris Minor is from Ciska. But Jan has even more beautiful things in his shed where Auto Motor Klassiek would like to pay attention to. But that is again for another time. Jan and Ciska are in any case real collectors. Jan collects the classics, and Ciska the beautiful moments.

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Morris Minor 1000 Estate (1966)
Morris Minor 1000 Estate (1966)
Morris Minor 1000 Estate (1966)
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