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Are you looking for a car? Brand new cars usually go to lease companies. Many of our cars are therefore recent used cars. Then 'the head is off'. But you can also opt for a young timer. This has a number of financial - and emotional - benefits.

What is a youngtimer? 

There is no official definition of the term 'young timer'. But 'everyone' assumes that a young timer is a car with between 15 and 25 years of experience. The concept of young timer mainly arose after the rules for old-timers changed. In the past, every car 25 years or older was an old-timer. This resulted in a number of advantages, such as classic car insurance and exemption from motor vehicle tax. There were therefore people who drove classically purely from calculation. A few years ago, the old-timer regulation was tightened and now only applies to cars 40 years or older. 

And that made a lot of space between recent occasions and 'classic'

The great thing is that well-maintained cars between the 15-25 year are simply representative, good and comfortable. Be reliable and can also be used on a daily basis. Statistics even show that they have considerably fewer malfunctions than the newest cars loaded with electronics. The offer youngtimers is great. The prices are generally surprisingly low.

Benefits youngtimer for private individuals

A private individual who opts for a youngtimer has the advantage that his car is cheap to purchase. The price difference with a new car or a car of one or two years old is sometimes astonishing. But if you look at the A brands, you can find an excellent car with very few traces of use for a very friendly amount. Buy such a youngtimer of course well documented and at a trusted address. Due to the age of the youngtimer you do not have to opt for the most comprehensive car insurance. A third-party liability insurance or a limited airframe usually suffices. Depending on the car, you will like the cheapest car insurance to be able to choose. 

Benefits youngtimer for business driver

Do you (also) use the youngtimer as a business car? Then you benefit from some extra benefits. If you do not keep mileage records, you will be faced with an addition. Business cars that run on petrol or diesel receive an addition of 22 percent of the catalog value. For youngtimers there is a special addition of 35 percent of the current value. This makes a huge difference. The current value is the current administrative value of the young timer. That is often minimal because the car, however perfect, has been written off in accounting terms. Since you have already purchased the car so cheaply, that results in a nominally very low tax liability. Consider one taxation of the car. In that case, any damage is paid by a counterparty to the appraisal value, not to the current administrative value. 

In addition, you can also deduct all other costs of the car for business, such as fuel, maintenance and parking costs. In practice, business is appreciated if you drive in a nice, but somewhat older, car. Because you radiate 'sustainable', 'quality' and a sense of style with a youngtimer as a business car. And that is also advantageous!


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  1. Maybe just look at a c5 station. In my experience a very good lease car from my lease past. But is it wise to do a gasoline because the (great) HDI is no longer allowed in the city? HDI was better than TDI from that time. Diesel bullying does take extremist forms. 💩

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