Is your battery ready for winter?

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Is your battery ready for winter?

If you are reading this, winter is upon us. Last year the winter season had started very early. This year we better prepare the car on time. Top up the coolant and remember to add enough antifreeze to the windshield washer fluid. Winter tires are fitted and the battery and alternator are checked.

Are the V strings properly tensioned? Are the jump leads and tow rope ready? And where is the towing eye? Of course, the pass of the roadside assistance is with the registration papers and there are several ice scrapers in the car. The door rubbers are lubricated to prevent freezing and the locks are also treated. It seems that nothing has been left to chance. Would this be enough to avoid starting problems in the coming winter? Time will tell. I am already looking forward to winter. It may not be cold enough for me, but the car has to work. Nothing is more damaging to the atmosphere than a car that does not start. Starting problems always occur when it doesn't come out. Let's take a look at the first problem and what can be done about it. It has been a cold night. For days, even weeks, the temperature was above the normal average. Suddenly the weather turns and it gets cold. That's THE moment when the battery gets tough. Especially when he is not that young anymore. Due to the cold, the capacity will decrease greatly and the battery may now be too weak to run the starter motor. I have taken it safe myself and had my battery replaced. It was now 5,5 years old and the costs of a new battery do not outweigh the annoyance of not starting.

Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh

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