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  • The summer of 22

    The summer of 22

    Stay inside. That's an option. On the other hand, as long as you keep driving, it's quite manageable on two or three wheels. It only gets annoying at traffic lights. Especially when you have a somewhat younger classic with fairing. We are not going to talk about protective motorcycle gear here at this […] Read more

  • The future of the classic car, training and collaboration

    vintage cars. Future, potential and possibilities

    At a time when there is a shortage of personnel, waiting lists and an overstrained labor market, it was inevitable: the news about a lack of good mechanics for classic cars. It has been known for years that the specialist professions are disappearing more and more, and the technology is increasingly being taken over by electronics. The NOS news and other media spent […] Read more

  • Saab 96

    Saab 96 two-stroke Short Nose, 1962

    I traveled to Dalfsen for a very special classic. We are talking about a 96 Saab 1962 two-stroke Short Nose. Special because of the cart, but even more so because of the condition. Now I come across restored classics on a daily basis. Often in this condition too. But rarely is there an enthusiast who […] Read more

  • Krauser MKM 1000

    Krauser MKM 1000. It's all about the heads

    Krauser was founded by former race driver Michael “Gigi” Krauser. Over the years, he was involved in various road racing classes, especially sidecars, 80cc, 250cc and 350cc, both as a constructor, driver and sponsor. He did a lot for and with BMWs, such as developing four-valve heads for the boxer engines and, his dream, a complete […] Read more

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