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  • The new classics. The latest classics?

    The new classics. The latest classics?

    Entire tribal wars are waged over it: "what's a classic?" Purely administratively, in terms of tax and insurance you can tie an age to it. So then the 2022 model Waddannook SS will be classic in a quarter of a century. Because I am a technical fossil, I have little use for it. For me, what classic […] Read more

  • Audi 90 quattro driving impression. Uppercase superlatives

    Audi 90 quattro – drive with a smile

    In shiny Tornado red, the Audi 90 quattro from Jan-Siebe Bastiaannet shines at you. You can't miss it: here, on the grounds of Menno Wijbenga's ACP Tytsjerk, I've come to the right place. The goal: to make a report with a sublimely restored four-wheel drive Audi with a roaring five-cylinder engine in the […] Read more

  • The summer of 22

    The summer of 22

    Stay inside. That's an option. On the other hand, as long as you keep driving, it's quite manageable on two or three wheels. It only gets annoying at traffic lights. Especially when you have a somewhat younger classic with fairing. We are not going to talk about protective motorcycle gear here at this […] Read more

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