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  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. From 1300 to 2000. Weight in the shell
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina. A beauty is sixty years young

    The Alfa Romeo Giulia is considered by many classic drivers as one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. The beautiful berlina from Northern Italy quickly gained fame as a refined and graceful driver's car. Today, it still captivates, just like in the past, when many ladies and gentlemen were captivated by the refined […] Read more

  • Triumph TR6 from 1974 by Albert. Own style and character.

    Triumph TR6 from 1974 by Albert. Own style and character.

    Tradition and 'sportmanship' are two qualities that can be found in English sports cars. Good old Brittain used to produce real sports cars at reasonable prices. Albert is a technician and regularly dives into the garage to tinker, not only to improve the classic, but also to spend the time usefully. † Read more

  • Hillman Imp. Do you remember it?

    Hillman Imp. Do you remember it?

    As a fanatic Citroën enthusiast, Sipke van der Kooi is convinced that France has been way ahead of their time when it comes to automobiles. Citroën was always a good example, the constructors genius! That does not alter the fact that he likes to go to car museums on his vacations and can also show interest in other manufacturers. Together […] Read more

  • Summertime blues

    Summertime blues – column

    Where I live it is quite touristy in the summer. There are some campsites nearby where residents from here in the village come to forage. One of these is a German who comes to do morning errands on a Honda Monkey during his stay here. One thing that he without a doubt left behind on his motorhome […] Read more

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