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  • Nissan silvia 1.8 turbo started life as a 'company car'

    Nissan Silvia 1.8 Turbo started life as a 'company car'

    The concept of 'virgin white' fully applies to this Nissan Silvia 1.8 Turbo, even if you separate the two words. Just find an original survivor of the S12 model generation, one that has not been compromised by people with a little too much assertiveness. The story of this exceptionally beautiful […] More

  • Not exciting. very sweet: honda cd175

    Honda CD175. Not exciting, but sweet.

    Before motorcycles became lifestyle items (like a second wife, racing bike, sloop, convertible, Burgundian or healthy eating out, and yes, also a motorcycle), they were primarily means of transportation for people who could afford more than a bicycle, but did not have enough for a car. Until 1969, entire tribes of people were happy with motorcycles. From that year […] More

  • He's ready for the January issue auto motor klassiek

    He's ready for the January issue Auto Motor Klassiek

    While the climate is being thrown at us, a snow-white layer of frozen rain has remained outside the editorial offices of AMK and the heat exchanger is still trying to do its job enthusiastically, we have once again put together a new issue. Not entirely unexpectedly, we decided to […] More

  • A new future on the Mariënwaerdt estate for the Concours d'Elegance

    A new future at the Mariënwaerdt Estate for the Concours d'Elegance

    Moving from Soestdijk to Mariënwaerdt The well-known Wheels event, including the Concours d'Elegance, is saying goodbye to Soestdijk Palace after three successful editions. This move to Mariënwaerdt Estate in Beesd stems from the search for more expansion opportunities and a fresh start after some challenges in Baarn. The relocation offers opportunities to […] More

  • White, the new black
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    White, the new black – column

    There are similarities between jeans and motorcycle helmets. One brand may fit you like a glove, while a comparable other brand may feel like unwanted intimacy. Another similarity is that you can become so entwined with your perfect helmet or jeans that you don't even notice when such a useful item […] More

  • Eelde classics. long live air-cooled. long live classics
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    Eelde Classics. Long live air-cooled. Long live classics

    The event has been a permanent fixture on the agenda for years. The run-up to Eelde Classics is always filled with anticipation and a pleasant feeling. In Eelde it is not about decoration, but about well-stocked halls in which little distracts from the offer for which visitors come. Perhaps that is precisely why the theme of this […] More

  • Dodge Ram (1937): an eye-catching creation for Henk

    Dodge Ram (1937): a stunning creation for Henk

    In this story about a hobby project, but also about a passionate hobbyist, about a technician who has gotten the best out of his work for years. A story about decisiveness and perseverance. The “pre-war” Dodge Ram deserves a place on the AMK site. Optimists We are of course absolute optimists […] More

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