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  • Also the best Japanese four-cylinder: The Suzuki GS1000

    Suzuki GS 1000. Also the best Japanese four-cylinder.

    According to good sources, that is the best Japanese air-cooled four-cylinder. Just like the CB750, the FJ 1200 and some other Tigers of the Year. Does not matter. A beautiful Suzuki GS 1000 is a classic topper from the time when technology was not yet about software. The fact that Suzuki only later in […] More

  • Mini 1275GT. Classic driving pleasure guaranteed
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    Mini 1275GT. Peppered classic driving pleasure

    Promise makes debt, and then debt is fun, very fun. Because there has been an appointment at Hofman Leek for some time to take a closer look at several classics from the extensive stock. This is how we end up on a cold, but bright day in the beautiful hinterland of Leek. With the Mini 1275 […] More

  • DAF and the London-Sydney Marathon!

    DAF and the London-Sydney Marathon!

    Today – Thursday 24 November 2022 – it is exactly 54 years ago that the London-Sydney Marathon started in London. It was the first time since 1907 that such a marathon was run. Officially the rally was called 'Daily Express-Daily Telegraph London-Sydney Marathon'. It was an initiative born in 1967 by two widely read […] More

  • Autumn. Actually: 'winter'

    Autumn. Actually: 'winter' – column

    Motorcycling in the Randstad? A must! No traffic jams, just great fun! And so you leave from Dieren to Amsterdam on Friday afternoon. De Guzzi doesn't think about being an official classic. He's just doing what he's trained to do. He is old and just has to work for a living. […] More

  • Used car prices will continue to rise in 2022

    Used car prices will continue to rise in 2022

    As a fan of classic cars, you will not have missed it: the prices of second-hand cars will remain high in 2022. According to estimates from sales platform AutoScout24, a used car is now 20 percent more expensive than a year ago. According to the car site, which operates in 18 countries, used car prices are not rising anywhere in Europe […] More

  • Eelde Classics

    Eelde Classics: DAF Club Nederland 'pulls out all the stops'!

    Lovers of beautiful shiny chrome can indulge themselves at Eelde Classics in the weekend of Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November. From American classics to European masterpieces are part of the offer of this classic car fair. Plus of course there is the possibility to take home special accessories as well as beautiful miniatures. […] More

  • Fiat Topolino 500 C from 1955. Jan's gray mouse.

    Fiat Topolino 500 C from 1955. Jan's gray mouse. 

    In the Netherlands there is a club of fans of the Fiat Topolino who can tell everything about the history of this famous Italian car. Not only your own pleasure is important when owning a Fiat Topolino, but also the possibility to exchange experiences with other enthusiasts. In short, before and […] More

  • The BMW R50/5. A service bicycle

    BMW R50/5. A service bicycle

    There has been a clear line for a long time: The BMW boxers (the two-valves) came in three flavors: A top model, a sidecar machine and a service bicycle. When BMW experienced its miraculous resurrection, there was a sting in the story: BMW declared that no sidecars could be attached to it. That that (later) […] More

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