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  • Mz ts250 vs moto guzzi v65 policia

    MZ TS250 vs Moto Guzzi V65 Policia

    If you do not dare to drive due to an eye problem that is temporary, but still feels too long, this is a precaution. After all, most drivers are blind as hell. If you start steering by dead reckoning yourself, then that is asking for trouble. Out of self-protection, I decided to give my Guzzi to someone who […] More

  • A beautiful day with the triumphs
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    A beautiful day with open Triumphs in Friesland

    The invitation came at just the right time. Huib de Graaf invited me for a nice day of touring with some of them Triumph adepts. The majority brought a TR with them, and that composition included the TR6 of Huib de Graaf and the TR6 of Hein Leemhuis. We made a report on this in 2020. After […] More

  • Ford a victoria (1931) – "old is gold" for Klaas & Sjoerd.

    Ford A Victoria (1931) – “Old is gold” for Klaas & Sjoerd.

    Who is not touched by the appearance of this special car? Collecting and restoring historic vehicles is a passion for Klaas and his son Sjoerd. In a shed full of Ford treasures, they share their secret with Auto Motor Klassiek. Ford Standard Tudor Sedan Klaas: “I have my love for Ford [...] More

  • Renault 4 (1985): more than just a car for Olivier

    Renault 4 (1985): More than just a car for Olivier

    In the 60s, Renault needed a car that could transport both people and goods at the lowest possible cost. The goal was to create Renault's “Ugly Duckling”. Although the car stood out because of its angular shape, it did meet the requirements. This new appearance was introduced in 1961 […] More

  • Mini. an icon with sporting aspirations.

    Mini. An icon with sporting aspirations.

    On August 26, 1959, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) unveiled a revolutionary compact car. What the public saw then was the start of an icon in the automotive world. The assignment for Alec Issigonis, the designer of the Mini, was clear: develop a compact car with plenty of interior space, room for four passengers, impeccable driving performance, […] More

  • Falling is a shame
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    'Falling is a shame' – column

    You don't always have a say in who you hang out with. I had to make a quick stop because my leg had become quite greasy. Luckily I was riding in shorts, so I discovered the phenomenon before the oil ran out. In the parking lot where I had to do some tinkering there was already [...] More

  • Honda CB750 'sandcast'. a restoration report.

    Honda CB750 'Sandcast'. A restoration report.

    If there was ever a motorcycle that changed the history of motorcycling, it is without a doubt the Honda CB750. In the October edition of Auto Motor Klassiek we have published a nice report about the restoration of this legendary machine, which has left its mark in the sands of time. […] More

  • Memory. Frans de Groot's super

    Memory. The Supertje by Frans de Groot

    This calendar year I prescribe ten years Auto Motor Klassiek. During this period I met many people and made reports with them and their classics. In the coming period I will share a number of memories from the past ten years with you, in which I will randomly highlight a number of cars with which we […] More

  • Volvo classic fair

    Volvo Classic Fair

    If there is one event that makes the hearts of Volvo enthusiasts beat faster, it is the annual Volvo Classic Fair. This year, for the 31st time, the event will take place in the Autotron in Rosmalen on September 23 and 24. “A packed fair with many things to discover and […] More

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