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  • trabant wartburg

    Trabant and Warburg

    Almost 20 years after the association of East with West Germany, according to the federal service for road traffic at our Eastern neighbors, more than 40.000 Trabants and Wartburgs Read more

  • in

    Metric tires Michelin TRX

    Can you still remember the TRX tire that was mounted on BMW and various French cars in the late 1970s and 1980s? It was an attempt by Michelin to reinvent the wheel, at least the tire. The TRX experienced its introduction Read more

  • ford zodiac-mk-iv
    in ,

    Zodiac Mk IV

    Are you by any chance looking for a left-hand drive (!) Ford Zodiac Mk IV from the mid-sixties? Extremely popular in Great Britain, a rare occurrence in the Netherlands and Belgium. Under the hood a spirited 3 liter V6 (Essex) engine that produces a beautiful sound when revving. The Zodiac we tracked for you Read more

  • Renault 4CV

    Renault 4CV

    aap Daamen and Adrie Brugmans are already more than busy with setting the route for the Tulpenrallye of 2011. It is not (yet) clear where it will all happen. In any case, it will be France. It is also clear that both men are also intensively involved with the section along the sidelines Verkeerd Afgelopen. Read more

  • Fumoto Drain Valve

    Easy oil changes

    Oil change is quite a job for many enthusiasts. Find a suitable ring spanner or cap and then hope that the drain plug that has already been miterated by predecessors is not damaged in such a way that your tool slips over it. Read more

  • DAF in America

    DAF in America

    In your early childhood you of course also devoured the Tintin books. "Tintin in America" ​​was also a release. It must have been the inspiration for Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler from Fred Schaller in 1969 to also put his then new employer DAF on the map? Wasn't Volkswagen also successful?
    Read more