Do you already have one? A car cover?

Note the windscreen wiper!

Unbelievable, but many classics without pajamas still overwinter. And that while a good cover can be a blessing for your classic car or motorcycle.

Such a cover not only protects your property against dirt and dust, but also prevents your beloved cat from sharpening his nails on a convertible top or buddy seat.

A more serious type of cover than offering Aldi, Lidl or Action can also ensure that an accidentally fallen rake or bicycle does not cause paint damage. Our advertiser Imparts has built up a good reputation in this area.

For outside - or under the car port - sleeping classics there are covers, but make sure you purchase a breathable one.

And to do it all right: take the cover off once a month for a few hours, so that your property can blow through.


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Note the windscreen wiper!

Note the windscreen wiper!

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