Volvo Duett 1959. Understated luxury

Volvo Duett 1959

The Volvo Duett now has a legendary status. It is the patriarch of the later classic Volvo station wagons. An original Dutchman in a beautiful color scheme of maroon & white. We found a classic that you no longer encounter every day in Wouterswoude. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The registration certificate contains the description: Commercial vehicle as vehicle category and Van as body type with trade name P44505. The beauty of this family car is also the fact that it is actually two cars in one: For work and leisure. 

It is still nice to take a look at the advertisements from a bygone era: “The Volvo has an indestructible engine that can be used around the clock several times, the seven-fold paint protection ensures a long (car) life. The driving comfort is maximum and the safety of Volvo optimal, and what is also important that the resale value is astonishing, the used Volvo 's are highly rated. ” 

You probably know it: Blood creeps where it can't go, so taking pictures of such a showpiece is just a necessity, maybe a hint of obsession? Even though there is no information whatsoever about the owner of the Volvo Duett and the story of the car, it can still maintain the illusion of the earlier street scenes where - we think - everything was nicer and clearer. Dedicated fans of classics can now, more than 60 years later, still enjoy the industrial design of a bygone era. 

From 1949 to 1953, the PV445 served as the basis for small trucks, vans, station wagons and a single beautiful convertible. These were not built by Volvo, but by independent bodywork companies.

Based on the PV445, the famous Volvo Duett (variant DH) was introduced in 1953. Unlike the PV444, the car had a self-supporting body. 

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Volvo Duett 1959

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  1. Ton Rossewij told this that his uncle had this in his possession, he was a milkman
    later a VolVo 122S as a passenger car and as transport for the Volkswagen T 1 milk trade

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