Volvo PV 544 Special and a restoration for life

Volvo PV 544

In 1996, Harry Polling from Donderen completed the intensive restoration of his Volvo PV 544. A few years earlier, he had purchased the diligent Swede as a kit. That was the starting signal for the second life, that the Volvo still leads to today in Drenthe. And will lead for years. Because the revival of the Volvo took place to perfection.

Even the PV 444 and the Volvo PV 544 are in need of reconstruction. In the past, the traditionally rock-solid cars have often been used as a daily means of transport for years. Reliable up to and including, but even these cars have had a period when they were simply depreciated economically, and could also technically come to an end. Today, however, these models are still regularly visible in classic circles. And more importantly, they still provide an excellent basis for extending the service life.

Harry Polling thought this already in the eighties. He bought his second Katterug then - in 1987 -. This time a Volvo PV 544 Special of the fifth series came to Drenthe. Not as a rolling restoration object, but in parts. After thorough preparation, Polling rebuilt the Volvo to the last screw. His '64 Volvo also got a new - but historically correct - B18 A engine, a block that was slightly modified. The old Zenith carburettor was replaced by a Weber carburettor. According to Harry, the Tipo 341 CH is better and even more reliable than the Zenith model that Volvo originally united with the tame variant from Volvo's B18 engine.

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Thorough restoration

Harry really did everything with his Katterug. The car got a new paint job, and we already mentioned the donor engine. Other mechanics were also thoroughly examined, an alternator was fitted, donor fenders were adapted to Volvo PV 544 specifications, and rubbers were made to measure (and even more functional). than anyone had ever imagined in Sweden). And what was original and useful remained. A far-reaching degree of originality has been maintained inside and out. That authenticity was supplemented by Harry with things like a trip master and a tow bar.

Historical and contemporary craftsmanship

The Volvo became a Volvo again, and the Drenthe owner has been making regular journeys with it for more than two decades. We too were allowed to experience what historical and contemporary craftsmanship means. The Volvo PV 544 Special from Harry Polling fully regained its former glory. You can still feel that to this day. And that will be the case during the day of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. During the ride that was made at the end of the report with the Volvo, it became clear how good the historical basis that Volvo provided for this type was. And to what extent that base returned during the restoration.

Very solid impression

The car is very solid, does not shrink and drives fantastic. And that feeling is reinforced by that strong power in the front. The pleasant hum goes together with that typical hoarse and breathable sound that evokes the Swedish power source construction. The interplay of the power source, the rigid carriage, the decidely working chassis, the operation of all vital things (clutch, steering, brakes) and the professional restoration, make this Volvo impress.

Restoration for life

And that impression is a big nod to the historical activities and reputation of the Swedish car manufacturer. She built cars for life. And for a second life. A qualification that still applies today to Harry Polling's Volvo PV 544 Special, who undertook a masterful restoration process, thus assessing the historical image of his car. And the car rightfully so Harry's Volvomay call.


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