A kind of Christmas story?

Christmas story
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In a Christmas story things usually end well. If that is the approach, then this is a Christmas story. We were talking about the Bandids. To me, that name sounds like a kind of crackling snack that you nibble on the TV, but the judiciary sees it differently. Hans told about his positive experiences with the original 1% ers, the Hells Angels.

Angel for charity

A long time ago, Hans worked for a kind of charity / development institution that did good things in distant areas such as Bokkiebokkieland and Verweggistan. Because in those areas it is usually the case that the local police and army units are also just crooks, but then in uniform, Hans had a fairly serious bodyguard on his trips, a real Hells Angel. It must be said that, in his guidance from Hans, he was wearing a burger outfit. But he continued to look impressive and was clearly tattooed. Once Hans and his guardian Angel were abducted, robbed and robbed during a taxi ride. The force majeure was too great for the bodyguard, but they brought it off alive. Three years later they were back in Bokkiebokkieland, or let it be Verweggistan. De Angel pushed Hans into an official taxi and shouted “Back to the hotel you. I see that rat that ripped us. "

All's well that ends well

Hans waited for his hotel room in growing fear. He was just about to call the Dutch embassy when his protector returned. He looked tired, crumpled but satisfied, and threw a pile of money, some watches, jewelry, and cameras on Hans' bed. “Look, that should pretty much compensate for our loss last time. I went after that rat and let him talk. He gave me the name and address of his buyer. Then I dumped it. Rat 2 was home and Rat 2 also talked. I also dumped it afterwards. The rat king was a bluffer and a barker with a barker. But when I had him, he was the least tough. I milled it and pulled it down from a 30-meter-high bridge. Now they also know here that you should never rob a Hells Angel. "

Friends for life

Hans is now more than retired and still has contact with his former bodyguard. They sometimes go for a ride on their Harley's. The retired Hells Angel now has a fairly civilized recent copy. Hans rides on an 1964er, Electra Glide, who was once in Bokkiebokkieland or later in Verweggistan. Because you can say what you want from Bokkiebokkieland and Verweggistan, but there are still quite a few classics waiting for development aid. You could take a look there. We do know where you can go for a bodyguard.

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