A Moto Guzzi via the Internet

Moto Guzzi

In anticipation of the spring, I have purchased a Moto Guzzi. While the first night frost ravaged the universe, I scoured the Internet. We have already discussed the tricks and layers of buying from private individuals via the Internet. But it can also go well.

The discovery

I found a Moto Guzzi where the seller already reported with some concern that it was not the most beautiful of all time. But in the photos the machine seemed fair. There were some vanguard battles via mail and GSM. Those contacts gave a good feeling about the twin to be adopted. The potential future ex-owner seemed like a enthusiast, a techie.

We made an appointment to see the Moto Guzzi

Once in the street where I had to go, the TomTom could go out. A house where a Moto Guzzi engine functions as a garden lamp and where the windows of the front door carry the sandblasted images of Moto Guzzi´s? Then the message "destination reached" is superfluous.

And it gives confidence

We had a long and pleasant conversation. The partner of the almost ex-owner of the motorcycle also turned out to be a convinced motorcyclist. There was coffee. There were cookies. At the end of the conversation I bought the fat Italian without hearing him walk (because just turning is not good for a block) and without a test drive (because it was too cold for that at the time). The price was not further discussed. Sometimes the gut feeling that you have during a conversation is deadly wrong, sometimes you can blindly head to it.

A good friend is better than a distant neighbor

A little later I met one of the technical key figures within the Moto Guzzi Club Netherlands, told him that "I had one again". That Moto Guzzi enthusiast has the pleasant perspective that characterizes the riders of the unique brand, which has so often been on the verge of falling over. He once said about his favorite motorcycle brand: "Italians bring something to the market when they think it is nice enough, the customer is free to continue product development."

Old Guzzies are '1.0 technique'

It has to be said that the people from Mandello have evolved enormously in terms of quality since Piaggio became sugar daddy, but with the somewhat older models the owner 90 was able to remedy% of the problems by making a few meters of braided wire between various parts that there was a clear deficit ex-works. The Guzzist knew the seller and his sweetheart through the club. “Those people are good. I'll go with you when you pick it up. "

Collection was on a cold autumn day

My acquisition was polished and there was some sadness when I said goodbye. I promised the former owners that they were allowed to keep the visiting right for their donated hug win. The Guzzi went back on the road for the first time in a few years.

To let him get used to that idea again, that first excursion was on a borrowed trailer, but still. On the way back, cold raindrops danced in the light of the headlights. The man from the Guzzi Club and I looked at each other with satisfaction. At home the touring buffalo was put on the lift bridge to see what I finally bought.

Everything turned out to be fine

The massive Italian had gone into hibernation after he had had a full service, whereby the oil pan had not only received a new gasket, but also new stainless steel Allen screws. That is a love of technology, not a fast trade!

In the meantime, autumn has seriously begun and the first journeys and missions are already over. The future looks bright. Because my previous Guzzi only became terminal at about 400D km. Autumn is good! Let the summer begin!

And if it is possible, buy another classic. With winter ahead, prices are softer than ever!

But despite this cheering story, remain cautious when buying from individuals via the Internet. But after all, we had already devoted pages of warning text to it?

More beautiful than the original. For ten per piece at a motorcycle fair




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