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You can do anything with a Harley. And the supply market is happy to assist you in this. In this way every Harley becomes a kind of convection unique.

The Sportster: Not factory original, but highly original

But the Harley in the photos (it is on license plate as 883 cc, but measures the full tuned 1200 cc) has been tackled in a much more radical way. The owner is Harley enthusiast and off road enthusiast. That's why he decided to make the best of both worlds: An off-road Harley Sportster.

That was a major job. And the result is a very boldly roaring Vtwin. In practice, the Sportster drives great. But because the center of gravity is far above the axes, it is a disaster to maneuver the thing by hand. And once the engine has fallen over - and that has happened - then it is a hell of a job to get it back up again. In the meantime, this Haley has come a step further on the evolutionary ladder. With even more power through a NOS set and a much longer rear bridge, the V twin is currently used during hill climbing races.

For us, this kind of rebuilt engines is in a kind of twilight zone

As classic enthusiasts, we do not by definition assume the year of construction on the license plate. The (factory) originality usually weighs heavily for us. We usually have an understanding of constructions that have proven themselves. Few people turn disgustingly from a Tribsa, not to mention a Norvin. From another point of view there is also understanding to accept deviations from the original. Because in their time, many motorcyclists had a fairly large frame of mind. For example, many Honda CB 750 already received a metal flake custom jacket with setting suns, palm trees, flames and pyramids, plus an (often costly) 4 in 1 roar pipe and a 'hangoren' steering wheel. Top!

In connection with the cost of returning it to its original state, that type of engine, after the free painting had become dated, soon was no longer worth a drop. Because time heals all wounds, it is no longer the case that the windows of someone who offers something like that are smashed with bricks. In fact: For nostalgic reasons, a classic in such a festive suit is now quite interesting for people. The famous custom sprayer Frans de Weerdt, who has been performing his work for decades, has meanwhile been able to restore his earliest work a few times. Imagine: a Real Frans de Weerdt will soon be worth money.

King DIY

With the Koning Zelfbouwdag of Motoport Hengelo on 9 June in prospect, the idea of ​​making something yourself is very inviting. And within Dutch legislation and regulations, quite a lot is still possible without having to go to Lelystad for an expensive inspection. Distinctive and unique driving is also possible without Harley budgets. And the purchase of a non-original classic? Oh well, that can't be a point. If you as a buyer have a good feeling about it.




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