Omtzigt amendment on Transitional arrangement Diesel and LPG rejected

The meeting in the Thorbeckezaal in The Hague is in full swing. Most opposition members argued for a transitional arrangement for Diesel and LPG.
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Today, the Lower House rejected the Amendment by Pieter Omtzigt. In the proposal, the CDA member of parliament called for equalization in the transitional arrangement for old-timers. Diesel and LPG vehicles should be subject to the same conditions under the transitional arrangement as petrol vintage cars, except for the MRB pricing.

The proposal was rejected by "show of hands". The number of opponents was considerably larger than those who wanted to go for a fair equalization. The CDA in particular, led by Omtzigt, was in favor of building in proportionality within the measure. The rejection was no surprise. State Secretary Eric Wiebes previously advised against the Amendment.

Lower House prevents next breakthrough
If the Amendment had been adopted, there would have been a further breakthrough in the vintage car file that had been going on for more than three years. Earlier, Secretary of State Eric Wiebes admitted that he strongly commented on the far too optimistic estimates of the revenues from the current MRB scheme for vintage cars. He even approved the Autobelangen Foundation and praised the calculations of Wouter van Embden's club.

Disproportionality remains
Because the Omtzigt Amendment has been rejected, the old-timer scheme remains disproportionate. For motor vehicles with a 1st admission date from January 1, 1988, only a fuel surcharge applies for LPG and Diesel. In Omtzigt's proposal, the transitional arrangement for Diesel and LPG vehicles would have the same conditions as for petrol vehicles. In January, February and December it was not allowed to be driven. The rate for Diesel and LPG vehicles would then be capped at € 350 per year. With that measure, the old-timer scheme would not have had a completely fair character, but it would have been more logically explainable.

Not surprising, but disappointing
The obvious "no" is, however, pronounced. And thus the choice has been made to maintain a measure that has been implemented on the basis of an inequality principle. Not surprising, but disappointing. Certainly because the Lower House today voted in favor of the much-discussed Tax Plan 2016.

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  1. Fortunately Woutertje and his abuse club got wrong again. Excellent arrangement as the transitional arrangement is now for hobby users. Only the abusers now have to pay mrb just like the rest.

  2. if they now bind Wiebes for an hour above the chimney of a coal-fired power station, would he possibly bind ???? Doubt it by the way, because the whole lot has a record for its head, whatever it is about, just think of 1 thing, self-interest - and sit comfortably on plush, the people have chosen us, so we make it up, bastard by the way Wiebes was not elected, but appointed.

  3. The enormous quantities of coal that they are burning again because they are sold cheaply by America do not cause air pollution !!!! But that's okay. Do they also have to pay extra pollution tax? But those few old-timer diesels and gas riders do.

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