AMK 2016. A great year at Auto Motor Klassiek.

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The accreditation of the Classic Motor Show in Bremen had just been handed to me, along with the press bulletin full of information. And the confirmation of the announcement that Walter Röhrl would give an extensive signature session that special afternoon of 5 February. It was the chance to speak to this multiple world champion. When I stepped into the Gulf in the evening, I was very proud. Because in the midst of many Röhrl fans I had spoken a legend. Who was great in modesty. I thought it was an honor.

A special AMK moment also took place in March. Colleague Frank Bouckaert and I were guests at BNR Mediazaken. In the program presented by Harm Edens, we discussed how Auto Motor Klassiek became great by staying herself in thirty years. Both Frank and I were proud to represent our classic medium in this way.

Those two moments formed the foundation for an exciting year of working for me Auto Motor Klassiek. Political issues were also discussed. A good relationship with the Rotterdam Classics Foundation came into being from that angle. Niels van Ham and his companions compete with excellent and substantiated arguments against the environmental zone in Rotterdam. The KNAC already demonstrates the uselessness of the zone in Utrecht excellently, but also in Rotterdam the arguments against the zone are meticulously and realistically presented. The interview we had with Niels van Ham - and recently published in AMK 11-2016 - revealed a lot.

In the past year I was also impressed by Cars, Cola and Coins in Sint Jacobiparochie, a mecca full of classic Americans, automobilia and memorabilia. What Albert Meijer and his people have created close to the salty air of the Wadden Sea borders on the incredible. You have to be there to believe it. Also memorable were the visit to the Museo Mille Miglia under the smoke of Brescia, the formidable second edition of CLASSICSNL in Leeuwarden and driving the oldest known production Golf in the world. I fell in love with Harry Frits Houwer's NSU 1200 C. And I followed the restoration process of the now beautiful VW 1303 Cabriolet, which was meticulously and steadily completed by Thomas and Peter de Roy.

And so I found all (including the not mentioned) reports, exhibition and event visits and other activities special, not least thanks to the excellent contact with all those involved, who all make a nice contribution to the experience surrounding the classic. This resulted in articles for a classic medium, where everyone works enthusiastically and hard to come up with an exciting medium full of classic experiences every month. Auto Motor Klassiek, which in 2017 will again inspire you to highlight all facets of the classic world and experience in the magazine, via social media and via the website. The medium that we can make thanks to you as a loyal, enthusiastic and critical supporter.

It is that magazine that on 5 February in Bremen I was able to proudly and proudly announce to a great rally champion from Regensburg as "holländisches Fachblatt für Klassiker".

I wish everyone a nice 2017!


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