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Many BMW enthusiasts attach great importance to the factory originality of their Bavarian steed. There are even those who are quite fundamentalist in their genuine love for the blue and white brand. And that group of BMW drivers, because please note: they usually drive seriously, sometimes throws back frantic foam at the sight of a BMW two-valve boxer that has been transformed into a scrambler, bobber, café racer or whatever imaginative.

Tastes differ

Now we are at it Auto Motor Klassiek people with virtually no prejudice. So when we see such a BMW pimped to personal taste, we just look at the case with neutral curiosity. There is no arguing about taste, but it is quite possible to deliver good and beautiful work. In our experience, most of those hybrid BMWs too often prove that the builder had too little budget and technical knowledge. And from that angle you understand the cry / reaction of a hard core BMW driver: “Another good motorcycle screwed up!”

Cheap parts

We can imagine that. Although all that renovation has the plus that it results in a mild flow of original and cheap 'BMW Originalteile'. Because if such a Divine builder decides that there should be Chinese bark pipes under his creation and that he therefore discards a set of neat original mufflers for 50 euros? We know someone who enjoys it.

Top quality as standard

Meanwhile, the BMW / 5 / 7's were of course incredibly good and stylish engines. If you compare their quality to the new BMWs with all their recalls and 'because it is possible' electronics then it should be a clear choice: 'do the old one'.

The BMW R75 / 5 started life with 50 hp. Because the Bavarian men with square foreheads had it scientifically figured out: For use on public roads, 50 DIN horsepower is the safe maximum. And we saw proof of this in the Ardennes last year. The R75 / 6, riding in a group of modern motorcycles, was able to keep up with the fast boys. In the evening the owner played a soothing tapered cigarette on a terrace: “Oh well, they are busy with it. I just drive at full throttle all the time. ” Easy.

Optimal parts supply

Also outside of the stuff that comes from renovation projects, the parts supply of a two-valve boxer is quite good. The maintenance and key convenience is optimal. Only Guzzi V twin riders have to bend less when adjusting valves.

The R50 / is bubbling under

Of course, according to the purest Dutch tradition, 'A heavy you are true'. But in the meantime, there are also smarts who appreciate the under-motorized and undervalued R50s. And in that context, there are two things true: There is absolutely no gait in an R50, but on revs he walks through the smaller bouncing masses of his pistons nicer than the fat ones in the family. And they are also cheaper.

Leave it nice and original

If you look at such an old boxer from a terrace, then you can only conclude one thing: Rebuilding a BMW two-valve boxer is indeed a pity. These machines are so well thought out, and so beautiful in a sober way, that you have to come from a very good house to make them better or more beautiful. And luckily those people are there too.

But an ordinary experienced Boxer? It deserves to be kept technically and optically in any case. Even if he is not quite the way he came out of the showroom. Like the white R100 that a whole bunch of Tour de Frances has driven.

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A veteran
A cherished R100RT
You have to respect that much thinking


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  1. I am only reading it now… And then think, well what is original. I still drive around with my first bike I ever bought, an R80 Marechaussee. Technically in order, but it doesn't look good. Once got a fine because the license plate and actually the whole engine was too dirty. Also complete with tent, holiday pack and woman backwards into a Luxembourg ditch of an 80cm deep. I even fell over a bit sometimes. Driving through all winters does him no good either. It is all visible to him, as well as the non-original screen and handlebar because otherwise I will not last 8 hours continuously on him. And yet I still think it is original, after all there is no other like this one. In short, he will never ever leave! Because of the alleged originality ...

  2. Understandably, some BMW enthusiasts are purists.
    But I have been driving BMW myself for 51 years, and I do not participate in that blind BMW madness.
    The last 10 years I have been driving a used R100RS with kickstarter (so the 1st series of '77), and that was initially not an undivided pleasure. The narrow & low placed racing wheel with the unhappily placed budyseat were an attack on my back. Only well above 100 km / h was that somewhat comfortable. In the beginning I drove very fast in Germany, in no time I exceeded 180. Then I let go of the throttle because I almost broke my pants due to the narrow highway and the brutal violence that swelled from under the machine . I also believed that the 200 would come out. There was no need for proof.
    But I also discovered that during normal touring the engine became very hot, so get rid of that fairing around the cylinders. And also gone with that buddy seat and the low racing steering wheel, and an air-suspended and damped HD police saddle on it, plus the steering wheel raised by longer brackets.
    Of course purists abhor this, but I sit on it like a king.
    When I bought it it looked like garbage incineration, so much smoke came out of an exhaust. After a taunt through the cylinders, a set of new piston rings in it, the valves and seats grabbed and the carburettors cleaned, it runs ear- and eye-pleasing oil-free.
    I know that I don't ride the most beautiful R100RS, but it is one of the very first and also mine.
    Hello purists: put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  3. My loyal vassal Blauwtje has undergone a small rebuilding power source. Even for the experienced BMW connoisseur, the scope of the operation is hardly visible from the outside. Ok ok… those extra spark plugs in the heads and the modified balance pipes in the exhaust. The oil cooler that has become necessary is the icing on the cake. But that's about it. Externally, nothing has been consciously renovated and it still looks very brand loyalty. And secretly… .. I think it should stay that way. I'm going for the go and not for the show. The great result is that the once feeble 27 hp boxer now takes very seriously with traffic. And that with a considerably lower fuel consumption than before. This should put a smile from ear to ear on even the responsible environment minister

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